Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Living Room Reno

When we moved in to the house, our living room looked like this:

After moving in, it looked like this...for months:

Until it looked like this:

You may see in the last picture the darker spots in the foreground, slightly rust colored if you will.  This was part of our ongoing battle with animal messes throughout the house.  Our first order of business when moving in was to remove all of the carpet upstairs because it was nasty.  There was not a room whose carpet could be saved, including this one.  

Unfortunately, the first half of 2013 was filled with out of town guests and wedding prep so tearing out the carpet and having a construction filled room was not an option (even though we do all of our entertaining in the finished basement).  So we rented a Rug Doctor and bleached the hell out of that carpet.  It got us through the wedding season and upon return when Jeff asked if I would be okay with a carpet-less room, I wholeheartedly gave him the thumbs up.

So out came the carpet.  Then we decided that we were going to take out the bookshelves, while leaving in the cabinets, and our living room now looks like this:

I cannot wait to update you all on the progress we're making in this room.  As it turns out, the wood paneling isn't as hard to remove as we once thought, and Jeff is getting more comfortable on that 22' telescoping ladder.  


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