Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Honeymoon Part 2: Ireland - The Rest of the Story

So, what happens when you make your blogging re-debut and have a bunch of blogging ideas ready to go?  You get the stomach flu.  And then you're behind at work, at home, and on the blog.  But I'm fully recovered and back up and running.  Now, for the rest of the honeymoon! 

Here's a map of Ireland highlighting our route through Ireland (the purple stars are some of the stops we made):

After we made a quick trip to Cobh, we went back to our bed and breakfast in Kinsale and prepped for our big road trip the next morning.  We were heading from Kinsale to Galway, which would only take 3 hours if you drove from point A to point B.  However, we had plans to travel to the Western coast of the country and then head North to Galway--all in all, the planned route was set to take 8 hours in the car.  At this point I should mention that Jeff planned the honeymoon from start to finish.  I consulted the travel agent and physically booked our package, but Jeff planned the driving routes, the bed and breakfasts we'd stay in, and the cities we'd stop in along the way.

Our last view of Kinsale

This view never got old

We saw many of these roads

Sheep in the road! 

Watching rain come in over Dingle Bay

The Cliffs of Moher

Our last stop in Dublin before our final night in Howth


Of all of the places we visited in Ireland, Dublin, Kinsale, and Howth were my absolute favorites.  The scenery alone is worth the trip, not to mention all of the fresh seafood.  I'm thinking a second honeymoon trip back to Ireland is in our future.


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