Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Honeymoon Finale: London

After 7 days in Ireland, Jeff and I packed our bags and headed to London for three and a half days.  We weren't sure the next time we'd be in that part of the world, let alone just an hour's flight from London, so we tacked on a few extra days there.

As my gift to Jeff for our wedding, I surprised him with tickets to tour Old Trafford in Manchester - home of Manchester United, Jeff's favorite soccer team.  I figured we could use Monday as the travel day from Ireland to London, see some sights, take Tuesday to go to Manchester, then we would have Wednesday and part of Thursday to see the rest of London.  I'll be honest, you need a solid week to see everything if you really want to soak in every last bit of the culture.  But here's a good summary:

The view of London from the London Eye

Anyone else watch PBS?  Anyone?

Big Ben

Horse Guards Parade

Tower Bridge

Side view of Westminster Abbey
Buckingham Palace

Kensington Palace

Tower of London

The street our hotel was on

And of course, our whole trip would not have been as seamless without Jeff's travel binder (I love that guy...):

So, now that we've covered the wedding and honeymoon, we'll move on tomorrow with updates on the many many house projects we've been working on.  You know, the whole point of this blog.


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