Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Fresh Start

I've attempted to write this post several times in the last seven months, and every time the words would elude me.  It's hard to believe that it has been so long since I last posted, yet the first half of 2013 was full of major life events that left little time for this project of mine.  And looking back through the posts from the beginning of this year, so much has changed in every aspect of our lives.  And with that, I'll start with the biggest event of them all...the wedding.

May 4, 2013 was the big day.  We had absolutely beautiful weather and were incredibly fortunate to spend that time with our nearest and dearest family and friends.  I'll spare you the emotional dialogue and let the following pictures tell the story.

We were married in Jeff's hometown of Vermilion, Ohio.  A beautifully quaint town on Lake Erie where Jeff grew up sailing and making sure he attended Mass every Sunday so as not to get into trouble with his mom--who happened to be a teacher, and later Principal, at the Catholic school which he attended.  Our wedding ceremony took place in his childhood parish and was officiated by the priest who was there when Jeff was a boy.  Fr. Phil is semi-retired, but he has presided over the baptisms of our niece and nephew and we were incredibly fortunate that he was able to officiate our wedding.

Following the ceremony we did our "creative session" with the photographer and then we joined our guests for a reception at this amazing French restaurant in Vermilion where Jeff first got his start in the culinary world.  Being foodies, we wanted as many delicious items as possible and our menu included a beef tenderloin with whipped potatoes and roasted root vegetables, split pea soup shooters with a goat cheese foam, fresh smoked salmon, stuffed mushrooms, and a variety of other goodies that I didn't get a chance to sample.

Going back through these photos makes me so happy and incredibly nostalgic.  The day went by faster than I ever imagined and all of the well-meaning friends encouraging me to take it all in could never have prepared me for how soon it's all over.  I truly wish I could live this day over and over again.

Being a newlywed, everyone asks you how married life is going.  Since Jeff and I lived together for a year and a half before our wedding, the day to day stuff is not new to us.  I know how he likes his coffee and it's my job to make sure he has clean clothes to wear.  He knows that I covet sleeping in on Saturdays (while he is an early riser) and I don't care for yard work.  But the instant feeling of security that comes with marrying your best friend is something that even the best wordsmiths can't fully articulate. And I wouldn't trade that for all the tea in China.


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