Monday, March 4, 2013

Oh Wallpaper, How I Loathe Thee

Are you sick of hearing all about our wallpaper?  Because I am surely sick of talking about it.  Jeff does most of the dirty work when it comes to the removal.  I'm a short tempered girl and spending 8 hours removing wallpaper is not on my favorite things list.  I normally keep myself occupied with cleaning and doing laundry and making meals, but a couple of weekends ago I convinced myself that in one Saturday I could knock out the kitchen wallpaper and do my part to help Jeff.

The kitchen currently looks like this:

This wallpaper is roughly 24 years old as the house.  And as in every other wallpapered room, they covered the switch plate covers.  Factor in 24 years of hands touching those buttons and the result is disgusting:

My favorite part is unlike the covers in the master bathroom, these were handily covered with some lime green masking tape:

On the Saturday that I decided to help, I began the process by using a wallpaper scorer and saturating the first section of the wall with a fabric softener/water mixture.  I'd soak a section, move to another and soak that, come back and peel the first section until I hit a dry spot, soak it again and let it set while I worked on the other section.  This went on for 8 hours.

I began working on this section:

8 hours later, this is what I have to show for it:

Minor progress, but come Saturday night, I felt like I had wasted an entire day working on this with very little to show for it.  Jeff assures me it was an accomplishment as it was a day that he could dedicate to other projects, so maybe I'll revisit wall paper stripping in the future.

In addition to the kitchen, we have one border in the living room and floor to ceiling wallpaper in the bathroom to remove before we're officially a paper free home and I cannot wait for that day!

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