Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Pink Bathroom

There really aren't any words to describe the pink-ness of the master bathroom.  Pink tile, pink window blinds, pink floral wallpaper, and a vanity with swirls of pink on the counter and sinks.  Very 1989.

When Jeff and I moved in, our first priority was cleaning up the second floor.  New carpet, new paint on the walls, and refinishing all of the woodwork.  Having been in the house two and a half months, and doing all of the work ourselves, we've made some substantial progress.  Aside from finishing a few closet doors and touching up some paint, we have just the bathrooms to complete before the second floor is finished.  Insert the pink bathroom pictured above.

Jeff loathes the wallpaper.  He despises the tile.  I cannot stand the standing shower because there isn't room for all of my bottles and no adequate place to shave one's legs.  But major overhaul would take months because we are re-arranging a few things here and there.  Thankfully, the decision to move on this room was made for us.

A few weeks ago, we started noticing a smell coming from the bathroom.  Nothing overpowering, just a subtle enough smell of septic gas that you could smell it when you walked into the room.  Too much information?  Jeff's guess was that the wax ring that keeps the toilet connected to the plumbing might have cracked, thus allowing the gas to escape.  But we tried tightening the bolts on the toilet first and seeing if that helped.  And it did.  For about two days.

The gas returned and we decided this bathroom reno might be the next big project after all.  So Jeff began by removing the toilet so we could either get a new toilet or a new wax ring.  

But he couldn't stop there.  He found a seam of wallpaper and couldn't resist the urge to peel it.  After more discussion, we decided that at the very least, we should take the wall paper down and put up a fresh coat of paint while we map out the new bathroom features.

For instance, I don't particularly care for playing "Where's Waldo" with the switch plate covers.  After two and half months, I just realized last weekend that our jetted bathtub really does work, it's just contingent upon the switch you see here being flipped to the on position.  Nor do I like turning 180 degrees just to reach the toilet paper.

So J has been diligently working on the wallpaper and we've made some progress:

One thing is for sure, the more I see the wallpaper everyday, the more I hate it just as much as Jeff does.  

Our to-do list for the bathroom {currently} entails:

1. A new toilet
2. Relocating said toilet
3. Expanding the shower and including a built-in bench area
4. Removing large mirror
5. New vanity/sink space
6. Finding a solution to the French doors and/or the closet door. 
(Too many doors in one room!)
7.  New tile floors
8. New tile around the bathtub
9. Eradicate any trace of pink 

In the meantime, I'm thankful for the second bathroom with plenty of room for all of my products! 


Messy said...

Wowza! That is some serious pink and flowers! LOL Taking down wallpaper is such a tedious task - Good luck! Can't wait to see the results :)

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

We looked at two houses that had bright pink and black tile in the main bath. It was original from the 20s, but it was right on that fine line between cool vintage and weird haha.

House Sweet It Is said...

Lucky for us, everything is right in that late 80s so there's no discussion on whether it will stay, it's just a pain to take down! :)

I love original tile work, they were truly artists back then!

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