Monday, February 18, 2013

Master Bath Face Lift

So we left on Friday with a bathroom that was ready to be primed and painted.  Jeff had Friday off from work, and today, lucky guy, and he got the room all ready to go.

this fog is why you don't blow into the camera to remove a piece of lint

Over Friday and Saturday we contemplated which paint we were going to choose for the walls and ultimately ended up with Dorian Gray.

We chose this one for two reasons: we wanted a color that contrasted the walls in the bedroom (Dovetail) but wasn't too dark that it made the room feel smaller.  Keep in mind, we're making the bathroom functional until after March--after that all bets are off and some serious demo will be happening.  We also wanted to keep it in the brown-gray family so it  didn't look "off" when compared to the bedroom.

Jeff began by painting the closet and then working his wait out into the bathroom.  And the finished product looks infinitely better than what we had to start with:

We also decided to paint the vanity white with the rest of the wood work and make it more uniform.  Just in case you forgot what the original bathroom looked like:
I will say the pink tile appears to pop more, now that the walls are darker, but I love the gray that we chose and look forward to finishing off the bathroom completely.  

Despite all of this work, we still have the same to do list:

1. A new toilet
2. Relocating said toilet
3. Expanding the shower and including a built-in bench area
4. Removing large mirror
5. New vanity/sink space
6. Finding a solution to the French doors and/or the closet door. 
(Too many doors in one room!)
7.  New tile floors
8. New tile around the bathtub
9. Eradicate any trace of pink 

But in the meantime, we're picking out new hardware for the vanity and desperately searching for an affordable window treatment option so the bathtub can be functional as well! 


Messy said... the color...but yes, the pink pops a bit more now. But once you get all the details done, you wont even notice!!! :)
Great job!

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