Monday, February 4, 2013

How We Organize: The T-Shirt Drawer

When J was a single man, not too long ago, he had a single man's wardrobe: five pairs of underwear, 5 under shirts, and an endless supply of golf shirts to go with his two pairs of khaki shorts.  I never understood why he was constantly doing laundry (literally every other day), until I moved in and saw for myself the limited selection.

I quickly rectified the situation because I was not going to be doing laundry every other day to make sure he had a fresh t-shirt, as much as I love doing laundry.  And yes I'm serious, I love doing laundry.  However, we increased the number of clothes without increasing the amount of drawer space.  And 15 shirts later, J's undershirt drawer looked like this:

I should also mention that J is very particular about his undershirts.  The way the neck fits is of concern and certain shirts can be slept in while others cannot.  I love him anyway.

It got to the point where shirts wouldn't fit neatly in the drawer so I began folding them like normal and stacking them on top of the dresser.  This just added to the frustration of not having an organized drawer.  After some Googling, I found this video.  I loved the idea so I ordered up one of these and got to work.

If you've worked in retail like I have, you don't need the following instructions.  But for those of you who haven't, here we go.  

First things first, start on a flat surface.  I used the floor in our room, but any table would work as well. 

Next, lay out a shirt, face down, and fold in only the sleeves:

Then fold over the side of your choosing:

Flip the frame back and repeat with the other side.  You'll end up with your shirt looking like this:

I then folded up the bottom of the shirt to just the edge of the folder.  With one quick flip from the center board, the shirt is folded in half:

Then I folded that shirt in half one more time and ended up with this:

I proceeded to go through all of J's shirts and the entire drawer only took me maybe 10 or 15 minutes to complete.  My assistant never left my side and she especially wouldn't move for pictures:

Once all of the shirts were folded, it was time to put them in the drawer.

Now, all of J's shirts are folded neatly and placed in his drawer so he can see which shirt he'd like without digging through the entire drawer and subsequently messing up the other folded shirts.  And my favorite part: no more stacking shirts on top of the dresser.


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