Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fabric Happy

There are two stores that  I frequent that I could spend hours in: Target and Jo-Ann Fabric.  Target is self explanatory.  They have everything you could possibly need and aisles upon aisles of stuff to look at.  Who cares if you didn't need that cardigan?  It was 20% off!!  And that picture frame?  Surely there's a wall in need of some decor in your house.

But Jo-Ann is a different beast in itself.  I often find myself getting overwhelmed with project ideas.  I need throw pillows.  And canvas for a wall project.  And picture frames at 60% off.  And maybe I should make some curtains for the every room in the house.  Surely there's someplace to put a dried floral arrangement?  Maybe I'll start my own stationery Etsy store so I'll need some stamps and embossing materials and paper products for that.  The possibilities are endless! 

But the one thing I have to look at every time I visit the store is the home decor fabric section.  I'm a novice when it comes to sewing.  I've made burp cloths and a coupon wallet and some no sew curtains.  But I adore fabric.  I love the textures, the colors, the patterns.  The potential of making those pillows or curtains or cushions.  

So on a recent trip through Jo-Ann, I figured I should start taking pictures of the fabrics that I love so I'll actually remember what I had my eye on when it comes time to make the projects.  Here's the top three:

That navy and white houndstooth is thick enough for some beautiful throw pillow covers for one of our two living rooms upstairs.  Just a matter of getting those rooms furnished...

The light blue is a perfect canvas fabric that I would love to use for some patio furniture cushions.  Just need to get that patio set....

And that purple and gray looks similar to the Solar Flair fabric I picked out for my office curtains.  I could see this one as a roman shade or even a pouf for a little girls' room.  (I have high aspirations there)

I've also got my eye on this lime green printed fabric but I'm keeping mum on that one until I know for sure what my plan is.  Regardless, the goal for this house is to have far more color than we did in the previous house and I'm looking forward to incorporating my love of fabric along the way! 


Erin said...

I'm def working on having more color/patterns in our house too. Everything was so neutral when we bought it and I've slowly but surely been adding some FUN pieces to liven it up :) I Loooove that purple/gray you picked out for the curtains!!

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