Friday, February 15, 2013

Bathroom Update

Hello, friends.  Last Thursday I left you with the before pictures of the pink bathroom.  Jeff spent the weekend working on that wall paper monstrosity and removing the ridiculously low toilet paper holder.  As of now, the bathroom currently looks like this:

I have to say, anything is better than that overwhelming amount of wall paper.  

After much discussion, we have decided to paint the bathroom for now and leave the demo until after the wedding.  We took one look at our March calendar and saw that we would have family staying with us for three out of the five weekends and all of us relying on 1.5 bathrooms just wouldn't work.

Jeff has some extra time off this holiday weekend so we are hoping to have one painted bathroom come Monday.  That is, if we can decide on a paint color.

I would like to stick with something in the same color family as our bedroom, Sherwin Williams Dovetail.  So I put together a swatch of the two colors I'm debating between:

These grays have a tint of brown/green to them which I love because the Dovetail in particular matched up perfectly with our espresso colored bedroom furniture while still looking gray enough on the wall.  The debate now, however, is whether to go darker with Gauntlet Gray or lighter with Dorian Gray in the bathroom and subsequently the walk in closet.  

Conventional wisdom tells me to stick with lighter so the dark doesn't make the two rooms feel smaller, but something about that Gauntlet Gray, combined with white wood work and some sharp window treatments appeals to me.  And priority number one, after getting the painting done, is making sure that window above the bath is adequately covered.  No free shows going on at this house!

I can't wait to fill you in on what we decide and {hopefully} have an updated bathroom come Monday! 


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