Monday, February 11, 2013

A Pint Sized Thief

A little light reading for your Monday since I spent the weekend focusing on the wedding planning and not setting up quality blog posts...

As you've all seen by now, Jeff and I added to our family last October by adopting this little one:

We've been working diligently at things like potty training so she can be trusted to roam the house while we're gone instead of being put in her crate, but we're not quite there yet.  After her recent spay surgery, Minnow had a cone around her neck (or an Elizabethan Collar as it's formally known) and would not fit comfortably in her crate, so we had the brilliant idea of using a portable play pen that Jeff's brother and sister in law had left in Columbus.

the patient post-op

She did fine for the first eight days.  She had to keep the cone on for ten days so we figured we'd keep her in there and then back to the crate once the cone came off.  We went about our business; I'd put her in before I left for work, Jeff would take her out when he got home.  And each night she slept in there with lots of blankets and her stuffed animals.

Fast forward to Tuesday afternoon, one week after her surgery.  I had taken her for the follow up appointment and confirmed the cone could come off at the end of that week.  I took her home, put her in the play pen, and off to work I went.  Three hours later I receive a phone call from our alarm company that motion had been detected in the living room, do I want to dispatch the police?  My heart sank, I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach and all I could think about was the thief stealing my precious child and I'd never see her again.  So I authorized the police.

At this time, Jeff was on his way home from work for the day and he received the same call from the alarm company.  I called him and made sure he stayed on the phone until he was inside the house.  I kept going on and on about how I refused the microchip offer when she was getting her spay surgery and I'd never forgive myself if she was stolen and not microchipped.  

He arrived home, grabbed a hammer from the garage, and went inside....only to find that Minnow waiting for him on the steps like "Glad you're here, can you shut off that loud noise?"  The damn dog had escaped the play pen and triggered the sensor herself.  Which would have been my first thought, but the alarm installation guys specifically set the sensors so they wouldn't be triggered if someone her size were walking around.

I promptly hung up with Jeff and called the vet to get her microchipped a couple of days later.

Now our escape artist thought it was fun to get out of her play pen so she has now been relegated to the laundry room.  And just in case we weren't sure how she managed to escape, she showed us later that night when we put her to bed:

So, conehead and all, she was put back in the crate for the remaining three nights so as not to have this happen again.


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