Monday, February 18, 2013

Master Bath Face Lift

So we left on Friday with a bathroom that was ready to be primed and painted.  Jeff had Friday off from work, and today, lucky guy, and he got the room all ready to go.

this fog is why you don't blow into the camera to remove a piece of lint

Over Friday and Saturday we contemplated which paint we were going to choose for the walls and ultimately ended up with Dorian Gray.

We chose this one for two reasons: we wanted a color that contrasted the walls in the bedroom (Dovetail) but wasn't too dark that it made the room feel smaller.  Keep in mind, we're making the bathroom functional until after March--after that all bets are off and some serious demo will be happening.  We also wanted to keep it in the brown-gray family so it  didn't look "off" when compared to the bedroom.

Jeff began by painting the closet and then working his wait out into the bathroom.  And the finished product looks infinitely better than what we had to start with:

We also decided to paint the vanity white with the rest of the wood work and make it more uniform.  Just in case you forgot what the original bathroom looked like:
I will say the pink tile appears to pop more, now that the walls are darker, but I love the gray that we chose and look forward to finishing off the bathroom completely.  

Despite all of this work, we still have the same to do list:

1. A new toilet
2. Relocating said toilet
3. Expanding the shower and including a built-in bench area
4. Removing large mirror
5. New vanity/sink space
6. Finding a solution to the French doors and/or the closet door. 
(Too many doors in one room!)
7.  New tile floors
8. New tile around the bathtub
9. Eradicate any trace of pink 

But in the meantime, we're picking out new hardware for the vanity and desperately searching for an affordable window treatment option so the bathtub can be functional as well! 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Bathroom Update

Hello, friends.  Last Thursday I left you with the before pictures of the pink bathroom.  Jeff spent the weekend working on that wall paper monstrosity and removing the ridiculously low toilet paper holder.  As of now, the bathroom currently looks like this:

I have to say, anything is better than that overwhelming amount of wall paper.  

After much discussion, we have decided to paint the bathroom for now and leave the demo until after the wedding.  We took one look at our March calendar and saw that we would have family staying with us for three out of the five weekends and all of us relying on 1.5 bathrooms just wouldn't work.

Jeff has some extra time off this holiday weekend so we are hoping to have one painted bathroom come Monday.  That is, if we can decide on a paint color.

I would like to stick with something in the same color family as our bedroom, Sherwin Williams Dovetail.  So I put together a swatch of the two colors I'm debating between:

These grays have a tint of brown/green to them which I love because the Dovetail in particular matched up perfectly with our espresso colored bedroom furniture while still looking gray enough on the wall.  The debate now, however, is whether to go darker with Gauntlet Gray or lighter with Dorian Gray in the bathroom and subsequently the walk in closet.  

Conventional wisdom tells me to stick with lighter so the dark doesn't make the two rooms feel smaller, but something about that Gauntlet Gray, combined with white wood work and some sharp window treatments appeals to me.  And priority number one, after getting the painting done, is making sure that window above the bath is adequately covered.  No free shows going on at this house!

I can't wait to fill you in on what we decide and {hopefully} have an updated bathroom come Monday! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fabric Happy

There are two stores that  I frequent that I could spend hours in: Target and Jo-Ann Fabric.  Target is self explanatory.  They have everything you could possibly need and aisles upon aisles of stuff to look at.  Who cares if you didn't need that cardigan?  It was 20% off!!  And that picture frame?  Surely there's a wall in need of some decor in your house.

But Jo-Ann is a different beast in itself.  I often find myself getting overwhelmed with project ideas.  I need throw pillows.  And canvas for a wall project.  And picture frames at 60% off.  And maybe I should make some curtains for the every room in the house.  Surely there's someplace to put a dried floral arrangement?  Maybe I'll start my own stationery Etsy store so I'll need some stamps and embossing materials and paper products for that.  The possibilities are endless! 

But the one thing I have to look at every time I visit the store is the home decor fabric section.  I'm a novice when it comes to sewing.  I've made burp cloths and a coupon wallet and some no sew curtains.  But I adore fabric.  I love the textures, the colors, the patterns.  The potential of making those pillows or curtains or cushions.  

So on a recent trip through Jo-Ann, I figured I should start taking pictures of the fabrics that I love so I'll actually remember what I had my eye on when it comes time to make the projects.  Here's the top three:

That navy and white houndstooth is thick enough for some beautiful throw pillow covers for one of our two living rooms upstairs.  Just a matter of getting those rooms furnished...

The light blue is a perfect canvas fabric that I would love to use for some patio furniture cushions.  Just need to get that patio set....

And that purple and gray looks similar to the Solar Flair fabric I picked out for my office curtains.  I could see this one as a roman shade or even a pouf for a little girls' room.  (I have high aspirations there)

I've also got my eye on this lime green printed fabric but I'm keeping mum on that one until I know for sure what my plan is.  Regardless, the goal for this house is to have far more color than we did in the previous house and I'm looking forward to incorporating my love of fabric along the way! 

Monday, February 11, 2013

A Pint Sized Thief

A little light reading for your Monday since I spent the weekend focusing on the wedding planning and not setting up quality blog posts...

As you've all seen by now, Jeff and I added to our family last October by adopting this little one:

We've been working diligently at things like potty training so she can be trusted to roam the house while we're gone instead of being put in her crate, but we're not quite there yet.  After her recent spay surgery, Minnow had a cone around her neck (or an Elizabethan Collar as it's formally known) and would not fit comfortably in her crate, so we had the brilliant idea of using a portable play pen that Jeff's brother and sister in law had left in Columbus.

the patient post-op

She did fine for the first eight days.  She had to keep the cone on for ten days so we figured we'd keep her in there and then back to the crate once the cone came off.  We went about our business; I'd put her in before I left for work, Jeff would take her out when he got home.  And each night she slept in there with lots of blankets and her stuffed animals.

Fast forward to Tuesday afternoon, one week after her surgery.  I had taken her for the follow up appointment and confirmed the cone could come off at the end of that week.  I took her home, put her in the play pen, and off to work I went.  Three hours later I receive a phone call from our alarm company that motion had been detected in the living room, do I want to dispatch the police?  My heart sank, I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach and all I could think about was the thief stealing my precious child and I'd never see her again.  So I authorized the police.

At this time, Jeff was on his way home from work for the day and he received the same call from the alarm company.  I called him and made sure he stayed on the phone until he was inside the house.  I kept going on and on about how I refused the microchip offer when she was getting her spay surgery and I'd never forgive myself if she was stolen and not microchipped.  

He arrived home, grabbed a hammer from the garage, and went inside....only to find that Minnow waiting for him on the steps like "Glad you're here, can you shut off that loud noise?"  The damn dog had escaped the play pen and triggered the sensor herself.  Which would have been my first thought, but the alarm installation guys specifically set the sensors so they wouldn't be triggered if someone her size were walking around.

I promptly hung up with Jeff and called the vet to get her microchipped a couple of days later.

Now our escape artist thought it was fun to get out of her play pen so she has now been relegated to the laundry room.  And just in case we weren't sure how she managed to escape, she showed us later that night when we put her to bed:

So, conehead and all, she was put back in the crate for the remaining three nights so as not to have this happen again.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Pink Bathroom

There really aren't any words to describe the pink-ness of the master bathroom.  Pink tile, pink window blinds, pink floral wallpaper, and a vanity with swirls of pink on the counter and sinks.  Very 1989.

When Jeff and I moved in, our first priority was cleaning up the second floor.  New carpet, new paint on the walls, and refinishing all of the woodwork.  Having been in the house two and a half months, and doing all of the work ourselves, we've made some substantial progress.  Aside from finishing a few closet doors and touching up some paint, we have just the bathrooms to complete before the second floor is finished.  Insert the pink bathroom pictured above.

Jeff loathes the wallpaper.  He despises the tile.  I cannot stand the standing shower because there isn't room for all of my bottles and no adequate place to shave one's legs.  But major overhaul would take months because we are re-arranging a few things here and there.  Thankfully, the decision to move on this room was made for us.

A few weeks ago, we started noticing a smell coming from the bathroom.  Nothing overpowering, just a subtle enough smell of septic gas that you could smell it when you walked into the room.  Too much information?  Jeff's guess was that the wax ring that keeps the toilet connected to the plumbing might have cracked, thus allowing the gas to escape.  But we tried tightening the bolts on the toilet first and seeing if that helped.  And it did.  For about two days.

The gas returned and we decided this bathroom reno might be the next big project after all.  So Jeff began by removing the toilet so we could either get a new toilet or a new wax ring.  

But he couldn't stop there.  He found a seam of wallpaper and couldn't resist the urge to peel it.  After more discussion, we decided that at the very least, we should take the wall paper down and put up a fresh coat of paint while we map out the new bathroom features.

For instance, I don't particularly care for playing "Where's Waldo" with the switch plate covers.  After two and half months, I just realized last weekend that our jetted bathtub really does work, it's just contingent upon the switch you see here being flipped to the on position.  Nor do I like turning 180 degrees just to reach the toilet paper.

So J has been diligently working on the wallpaper and we've made some progress:

One thing is for sure, the more I see the wallpaper everyday, the more I hate it just as much as Jeff does.  

Our to-do list for the bathroom {currently} entails:

1. A new toilet
2. Relocating said toilet
3. Expanding the shower and including a built-in bench area
4. Removing large mirror
5. New vanity/sink space
6. Finding a solution to the French doors and/or the closet door. 
(Too many doors in one room!)
7.  New tile floors
8. New tile around the bathtub
9. Eradicate any trace of pink 

In the meantime, I'm thankful for the second bathroom with plenty of room for all of my products! 

Monday, February 4, 2013

How We Organize: The T-Shirt Drawer

When J was a single man, not too long ago, he had a single man's wardrobe: five pairs of underwear, 5 under shirts, and an endless supply of golf shirts to go with his two pairs of khaki shorts.  I never understood why he was constantly doing laundry (literally every other day), until I moved in and saw for myself the limited selection.

I quickly rectified the situation because I was not going to be doing laundry every other day to make sure he had a fresh t-shirt, as much as I love doing laundry.  And yes I'm serious, I love doing laundry.  However, we increased the number of clothes without increasing the amount of drawer space.  And 15 shirts later, J's undershirt drawer looked like this:

I should also mention that J is very particular about his undershirts.  The way the neck fits is of concern and certain shirts can be slept in while others cannot.  I love him anyway.

It got to the point where shirts wouldn't fit neatly in the drawer so I began folding them like normal and stacking them on top of the dresser.  This just added to the frustration of not having an organized drawer.  After some Googling, I found this video.  I loved the idea so I ordered up one of these and got to work.

If you've worked in retail like I have, you don't need the following instructions.  But for those of you who haven't, here we go.  

First things first, start on a flat surface.  I used the floor in our room, but any table would work as well. 

Next, lay out a shirt, face down, and fold in only the sleeves:

Then fold over the side of your choosing:

Flip the frame back and repeat with the other side.  You'll end up with your shirt looking like this:

I then folded up the bottom of the shirt to just the edge of the folder.  With one quick flip from the center board, the shirt is folded in half:

Then I folded that shirt in half one more time and ended up with this:

I proceeded to go through all of J's shirts and the entire drawer only took me maybe 10 or 15 minutes to complete.  My assistant never left my side and she especially wouldn't move for pictures:

Once all of the shirts were folded, it was time to put them in the drawer.

Now, all of J's shirts are folded neatly and placed in his drawer so he can see which shirt he'd like without digging through the entire drawer and subsequently messing up the other folded shirts.  And my favorite part: no more stacking shirts on top of the dresser.

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