Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Doors

And I ain't talking 'bout the band.

One of the things that J has done in both of our houses is update and paint the trim work and the doors.  By the time I moved into the first home, the work was already complete and I had no exposure to the sheer time sucker that is painting doors.  I went one week without cabinets in that house, but we're going on a month without doors to the upstairs rooms.  In no way am I blaming J because he works as fast as he can, I'm just sayin, this stuff takes a while.

In our last house, we had a total of 9 doors in the entire house to paint.  Including closets, bedroom doors, bathroom doors, and a basement door.  In this house, the second floor alone has 16 doors on the second floor alone.  Again, that number includes sliding closet doors, bedroom doors, linen closets, and bathroom doors.  So you can imagine that after several weeks without doors, my first request was to get a bathroom door.  Running downstairs in the middle of the night, or down the hall, was getting a little old.

Once we began tearing out the carpet and painting the walls, J got to work taking the doors down and clearing out.  Our hallway looked like this:

As such, J needed a place to work on the doors so he commandeered the dining room--which is totally fine seeing how we do not possess a dining room table:

The process begins with J sanding down all of the doors so the glossy finish is no more.  This makes the primer stick to the wood much better.  It also removes scratches from whatever animal was locked in the bathroom.  And in the master closet.  And in every bedroom upstairs.

We also took this time to fill the cracks and crevices with wood putty to make sure everything was tightened up.  Minnow provides excellent assistance and makes sure we don't lose the putty:

Once the door is adequately shop vac-ed and cleaned up, J uses a tac cloth to remove anything further before wiping it down with a damp rag.

Add one coat of primer for each side:

Followed by two coats of paint for each side (including ample time for drying between coats), and you end up with a finished door:

At this point we're just two doors away from having all bedroom doors completed and hung and I can't wait to share the finished look with you! 


Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Can you just come redo my house! Mmkay, thanks!

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