Friday, January 11, 2013

Project in Progress: The Man Cave

As I very wordily told you on Wednesday, the pool table gifted to us by my grandparents is officially in place, making the basement one step closer to an official man cave.  

Now, we haven't discussed the basement portion of the house at all.  Much of the focus, rightfully so, has been on all of the work being done on the second floor to get it ready for accommodating guests, the new carpet, and making it generally less gross since the previous owners were not good pet parents.

We began with a basement that looked like this when we moved in:

The carpet (we thought) was in decent condition but that back corner you see in the second picture needed some help.  In its previous life it was wet bar, complete with one cabinet, one towel bar.  But something must have gone awry because when we got here, the whole thing was tore out and a rag was stuck in the drainpipe so no leaks would occur.  Probably not a professional job.  The door you see beside the wet bar area leads to J's work room, but more on that later.

We began by attempting to clean the existing carpet and hopefully saving us some cash when it came time to pick out the carpet for the second floor.  But after about an hour, we decided it wasn't worth it.  The carpet itself was in good condition but there were stains and black marks all over that just wouldn't come out.  So we waited and when it was time to get measurements from the carpet vendor, we threw in a hypothetical basement.  

We ended up picking a carpet wholesale warehouse in town who offers discontinued products in addition to the "boards" of carpet you would get at the normal retail store.  And in the interest of full disclosure, they were referred to us by our realtor.  If it's a flooring product you can find it at this place and at a good deal.  I borrowed the below picture from their website, but this is what you work with:

So J and I walked, aisle by aisle, through the rolls of carpet until we found two that we liked.  As a side note, this place will even pull out whatever roll you are interested in and roll it out on the floor so you get the gist of what an entire room would look like.

We decided on the following options:

shaggy for the upstairs, a tighter knit for the downstairs

I am pleased to say that the carpet for both the basement and second floor only took us a couple of hundred dollars over budget for what we had planned for the second floor alone.

Carpet installation day came and went and for a while it was just the furniture downstairs:

hooking up the tv/playstation/soundbar was too important to jump out of the frame

Now, as of Tuesday night, we have pool table.  I've also added a few things to the space to make it homey, but we still have a ton of work to do.

Our plans for the basement include the following:

1. Painting all of the woodwork the slightly off white color we chose for upstairs

2. Removing the drop ceiling and replacing it with drywall

3. Running the satellite wire through the drywall, not just through the drop ceiling and letting it hang.

4. Creating better access to the water meter and sump pump (located behind those window shutters you see in the corner)

5.  Replacing the drafty windows with something more private and energy efficient.

6. Painting the walls/adding some dimension to the room so distinguish between the pool table/bar space and the sitting area.

7. Re-felting the pool table 

8. Replacing the wet bar but on a smaller scale.

A BIG thank you to my grandparents for the pool table and for our friends for coming over to help move it--free games of pool on us! 


Leah said...

Ahhh, now I'm even sadder that we aren't coming to see the place today. The basement looks awesome!! Good for you and J!!

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