Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Today marks the one month anniversary of our closing on the new house/moving in day! 

J has been working like a dog the last two weeks to get ready for our carpet installation THIS FRIDAY!!!! I cannot tell you how happy I am to get the new carpet on the second floor and in the basement and finally get all of the guest room furniture out of the living room and into their respective places.

I didn't want to do a series of pictures of bare floors and primed walls, but that's what we're working on so that's what you're gonna get! 

This past weekend, J finished tearing out all of the carpet and padding upstairs.  A tip for anyone replacing their carpet: if you can remove your old carpet yourself, it will save you a lot of pennies come install time.  

J began by using a very sharp knife and cutting each room into strips.  He rolled each strip up like you would a sleeping bag, and duct taped it closed.  Thankfully the town we live in will remove all of that stuff for free on trash day so for the past three weeks we have set out about 15 rolls of padding and carpet for them to take.  The last of which (for now) went out today! 

So for a while, our upstairs looks like this:

J spent 13 hours alone removing the border in this room!

 Then J primed all of the rooms to get them ready for paint:

As you can see, we've hardly been sitting still the past month!  My role has been to keep things clean, keep J fed, keep up on the laundry and work on unpacking my office space while J has been doing the heavy lifting upstairs. 

Oh, and I got to pick out the paint colors!

As I mentioned, carpet is coming in two days and J and I could not be more excited! Here's a preview of the carpet we picked out:
The patterned piece will be in the basement and the shaggy will be upstairs.

This weekend will officially mark the end of a two month long venture of living with our clothes stored in plastic tubs and various pieces of luggage.  That dresser you see above?  Yeah, that holds next to nothing when you have to share it with another person! 

Thus, I leave you with the final picture in today's montage: "Playtime With Minnow" 


Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

Ugh. Old carpet is the grossest. I am so glad we only have a tiny bit of carpet in our house.

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