Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Let the Renovation Begin!

If there's one thing I love about my hubby-to-be, it's that he is a total doer.  Very rarely do I ever have to ask twice for him to check something out.  Where I will procrastinate, he executes the to-do list without complaint.  And I love that he applies that attitude toward everything: work, home, our relationship.  But enough with the swooning, and on with some updated project pics.

The second floor of our house is carpeted, as is the basement and two rooms on the main level.  Our first order of business upon moving into the house is finishing the upstairs enough so that Minnow and I can hang out there and do girl things like watching Hallmark movies and snuggling in bed with a good book.  This way, we could move the rest of the furniture upstairs into the respective guest rooms (and out of the living room where it currently sits) and not have to move it again for the carpet installation.  

And in case you're wondering, the carpet was not salvageable--the previous owner had let whatever animal they had run wild and do its "business" all over the house.  Everywhere.  There is not a room that doesn't have spots in it.  Gross.

Last week, J began the upstairs renovation by stripping the wallpaper border in one of the guest rooms and in the master bedroom.  But for now, you get to see the guest room:

you like that sponge paint job?

Once the wallpaper was down, it was time to strip the carpet.  Now the rooms all look like this:

We are keeping the carpet in our room until the last possible minute.  A girl has standards, you know?

Today, J will be working on fixing the squeaks in the floor--and this house has plenty for being just over 20 years old.  We'll also be getting the walls ready to paint so everything is done before the carpet arrives.  Hard to believe it's only been two weeks, yet it almost feels longer! 

{In an attempt to get back to the regular blogging schedule while "helping" with the projects and working my day job, I'll be posting every other day for now; with the hope that we are back to 5 days a week after the first of the year.  Thanks for reading!}


Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

Sponge paint. Love it. I think we had a sponge painted bathroom growing up.

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