Monday, December 31, 2012

It's Been Real, 2012

It's the last day of 2012 (y'all didn't know that, did you?)  Another year has passed and while the past 365 days have gone by far too quickly, they've had their share of ups and downs (mostly ups).

We began the year knowing we were just a few projects away from selling our first home.  January and February brought the kitchen renovation and the finishing touch of pendant lights came in March:

I still maintain that holding drywall above my head for the ceiling was the hardest project I've ever done.

April was my birthday month and I was not at my best.  J had jury duty the entire week making our "birthday week" celebration not so fun.  He would have to go into work after each day at the courthouse and not get home until 9:00 at the earliest.  To say I was a complete and utter brat on my birthday is an understatement.  It didn't help that I had something great planned for his 40th two months later (which he obviously didn't know) and little did I know, he had something utterly amazing planned for me.  We'll just pretend like 28 didn't happen and just jump ahead to 29...

Things got a little hairy in May.  I had just retained a new client at work which resulted in signing my life away for the following 6 months.  J continued the projects to get the house ready for sale and we visited friends for a long Memorial Day weekend to help them put together a new play set for their kiddos:
June started off like any other month.  Things at work were insane with a huge fundraising event at the end of the month right before the July 4th holiday and end of the quarter.  But I'd be damned if I didn't celebrate J's 40th birthday with a week long celebration capped off with his big gift: a day long sailing trip with his BFF and his BFF's wife.  Minus one bout of sea sickness, it was an amazing day and seeing J so happy to be back on a boat made me fall in love all over again.  Are y'all throwing up yet?
Two days later, I planned an amazing day-of birthday dinner of veal chops and broccolini (two of J's faves) complete with a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting.  At this point I was 5 days out from my fundraising event and beyond stressed, but looking forward to celebrating the big 4-0.  I finished my day at the office and came home, only to have J's birthday end with our engagement!
All was right with the world for three days until Columbus was hit with one of the worst storms on record.  80 mph gusts of wind took down trees and power lines everywhere, including the power lines that ran to our house.  Nothing like getting engaged and then spending 6 days without power, in the middle of the summer.  We debated getting a hotel for sure, but knowing we were heading on vacation 6 days later and not knowing when exactly the power would come back on, we toughed it out.  Major props to J who pulled a mattress from the second floor to the basement so we at least had some relief from the heat at night.  And thank God for basements.

July came in like a whirlwind.  My huge work event was on July 1st, in the middle of the power outage, and July 4th involved walking in three parades for work before we headed north to the land of electricity and air conditioning for our vacation.  Needless to say my first night back amongst these amenities was joyous.  And J planned the best trip to Northern Michigan where we had both vacationed as children.
August was ridiculous.  We had our hardwood floors refinished and by September the house was ready to sell.  We were on the market, officially, something like 14 days.  Within 24 hours of listing, we had 2 showings and averaged  2-4 showings per day and ended up receiving three offers.  We were set to accept the highest of the offers when one of the other bidders, having not heard back from us, assumed her offer was too low and countered it--making it higher than the one we were set to accept.  Amazing, right?  So we accepted and once her inspection was complete, we set a move out date of October 15th.

In October, we loaded all of our belongings into a POD and headed to a 500 square foot apartment for a month while we waited to close on the new place.  Again, not my best time.  We were closing in on Election Day and I, in my infinite wisdom, thought it would be okay just to "start looking" for a puppy.  And one week before said election, we adopted a Cavapoo and named her Minnow.
the night we brought her home--the ragamuffin look isn't common, I swear

We chose the name Minnow after seeing the most adorable pug while on our vacation back in July.  A nice woman was walking the beach with a group of puppies and one, particularly ornery, little girl puppy was named Minnow.  All I knew was that I needed a puppy named Minnow.

November brought with it an election and moving day and Thanksgiving.  While house hunting and seeing a ton of fixer uppers but never quite "the one," we ended up finding the perfect house in a perfect suburb of Columbus.
And after a whirlwind year, we find ourselves in December and closing down another year.  I'm looking forward to all that 2013 has in store! Until then, Happy New Year's Eve and, as the cliche goes, I'll see you next year! 


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