Friday, July 13, 2012

The Great Power Outage of 2012

After J proposed, life was pretty amazing for about three days.  I would squeal every time I looked at my ring, I bought way too many bridal magazines just because I could, and I just couldn't wait to start planning.  

Then on June 29th, Ohio had one nasty thunderstorm, complete with 82 mph winds.  It was the strongest storm we'd had since 2008 when Hurricane Ike made his way up the East Coast and shared some of it's gusto with the midwest.  So when the power went out that night, we figured no big deal, it'll come back on the next day.  Oh what fools we were...

Over 600,000 people in Ohio alone were without power.  Franklin County, where we live, was the hardest hit with 200,000 in the dark.  Estimations came in that we wouldn't have power back for a week.  Temperatures were expected to be in the high 90s and it was setting up to be one miserable week.  Not to mention, work wise, I was about to have my largest event of the quarter that Sunday, all without any power at home to get ready.

The first night we managed.  It was cool enough after the storm to leave the windows open and sleep in the living room.  I kept telling myself, we are lucky the house is fine (there were downed trees all over the place) and that we are both safe and healthy.  That mentality lasted until 6:00 on Saturday night when I hit my limit.  

The house was BOILING.  We would drive around in the car just to be in air conditioning.  On one trip to Lowe's people were literally sitting on lawn chairs and buckets in the middle of the aisles just to stay in the AC.  That part was a bit unnerving.  Restaurants that we could normally walk right into had 2 hour waits.  So we drove.  And at 6:00 as we were on our way home with a new battery operated short wave radio, I started to cry.  I was exhausted, hot, too hot to eat but hungry, and overall whiny.  

The tears subsided until closer to 9 when it was dark enough in the house that J and I couldn't even see each other and as I was lying there trying to sleep, just sweating from not moving, the ugly cry came out.  Hysterical.  Face contorted, runny nose, you know the deal. At this point he was offering to go to a hotel, but I couldn't justify the expense not knowing how long we'd need to be there and knowing that we were leaving on vacation in four days.

So in an act of semi-desperation, we maneuvered the mattress from the guest room down two flights of stairs and into the basement.  Instant relief.  It was easily 20 degrees cooler down there.  We slept in the basement for four nights and while it was quite humid and damp feeling, it was far better than sleeping upstairs.

We spent our nights driving night at the laundromat, another at Target, another at my office as I was working late to prep for 3 days out of the office.  We did have running water which was a life saver.  I could take a (VERY COLD) shower and then come into work to do my hair and makeup.  

After that Saturday evening sobfest, I pulled it together and was thankful for all of the blessings and how things ended up working out: the fact that we had a cool basement to sleep in, that I could come into an office to get ready, that the house was unscathed in the storm, and that we were healthy and happy together.

We made it through, despite losing all of the food we had in the freezer and refrigerator, and now we're back to planning the wedding.  Believe me, it's a lot easier to look at bridal magazines when you don't have to hold a flashlight.  

Oh and the electricity?  It flickered on Monday evening (three days after the storm) but something made the transformer blow for our side of the street so while our neighbors had power, the three houses on our side didn't get it back until Friday.  


Heather Marie said...

Ours came back on that Monday, too. I think it was.. Our living room is technically the basement, so we spent the majority of our time there as well.

Melissa said...

It was torture! Now every time it storms I'm preparing for a week without power!

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