Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oh Bugger

So a couple of nights ago we came home to a little disturbance in the mulch:

We also noticed some of the flowers on the end were looking a little limp.  So J watered everything and swept the mulch back into place.  Fast forward a few days later and my flowers, nearly ALL of them, are looking like this:

I'm beyond annoyed, particularly because whatever is eating these flowers has also started snacking on my basil plant.  

So I ask you, experienced gardeners, what is eating my plants and how do I get rid of it?! J has been tasked with taking a leaf sample to the nursery tomorrow to figure this out, but all of the money I spent on landscaping is all but for naught.  

And if we don't get to the bottom of this, J has asked if a shot gun and flame thrower would be appropriate at warding off said plant invaders.  Sigh.


Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

As soon as we mulched everything in the backyard... the neighborhood cats ripped it all up by using it as a litter box. Saying I'm mad about it barely covers it.

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

A beast! of some sort of course. I am thinking a rascally wabbit.

Melissa said...

Ugh Shannon I would be LIVID! We're going to the nursery tomorrow night after work to get to the bottom of this and see what they recommend. Sounds like you need that fence completed!

Hahahaha Dusty, I'd feel bad if it were a rabbit just coming over for a snack!

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