Friday, June 1, 2012

Mix It Up

I'm the kind of girl who loves her technology, but given the choice between an iPad or a house item like a KitchenAid, the KitchenAid will win every time.  I can't tell you how long I've coveted one of these beauties but it goes back before the iPod was even invented.

The other day I was checking in to my bank account and saw the points balance on my debit card was pretty high.  I've been saving them for a day when something I really wanted was available and then I got an idea...If I cashed out my points for a large summed Visa gift card AND used a 20% off coupon to Bed Bath and Beyond, I could get my very own KitchenAid for next. to. nothing.  

So here's where I need some help...I've thought for forever that I wanted any of the silver mixers because they'd go with any type of kitchen decor.  But then J said I should get a color one to make it more fun.  (And we are currently hashing out whether it will sit on the counter or not because he claims nothing sits out on the counter).  Here's my top picks...tell me what you think:

All images via Williams Sonoma
I couldn't post all of the options at once or this would be one long post, but if I left out a color you're passionate about, leave it in the comments.  Both myself and all of the future cookies that J will benefit from thank you.

For now, have a great Friday and enjoy your weekends!


Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

Yellow! And my apple KitchenAid sits on the counter. Where it rightfully belongs.

Cortney said...

I've been dying for a pistachio one...and the really can't go wrong with any of them:)

sea to shining port said...

Yellow always looks good in a kitchen - and adds a pop of color!!

xox Caitlin

Melissa said...

two votes for the yellow, i like it! i'll have to see them in person to be sure, but yellow and blue are in the lead! i like the pistachio too....oh decisions decisions!

Celeste said...

Ooh I love that blue! I have no blue in my kitchen whatsoever, but if I did i would go for that one!

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