Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Details to come, but for now:

Monday, June 25, 2012


My first post in over a week so I'll keep this short and sweet and even include a picture of myself...which I don't think I've ever done in a post.

J's 40th birthday is coming up on Tuesday and I've been planning and plotting for months.  Knowing that J grew up sailing in his hometown, I thought it would be a great treat to rent a sailboat and go sailing on Lake Erie for the day.  What I didn't realize, however, is that it is hard to find places that rent the sailboat just to you as opposed to a charter where they staff the sailing process.

A few phone calls and a couple of referrals later, I found a place that would let us take the boat out for the day on our own.  It was beyond difficult to keep this from J since I'm terrible at keeping surprises a surprise for longer than a day.  But I held out for two whole months until the day arrived.

J found out we were going sailing the night before we left when I gave him a pair of boat shoes as one of his birthday week gifts.  This gave him plenty of time to research the kind of boat we'd be sailing and brush up on his sailing terms.  Or rather, send me a list of things I needed to learn.

The lake is about 2.5 hours from Columbus and I had to work late Friday evening, so we were up and at 'em around 5 am Saturday morning.  We got the coffee, loaded the car, and hit the road.

We got to the marina around 9 and from there on out it was all sailing talk.  Jib, falling off, tiller, and centerboard were all things I heard throughout the day.  J was totally in his element, almost giddy at being back on a sailboat.

We had beautiful weather and just enough wind to make it fun, but not enough that we spent the whole 6 hours working our buns off.  J was nervous that with the size of the boat, I'd be doing a lot of work (having never sailed before), but that was before we surprised him by bringing along one of his childhood friends and his wife.

Now for the pictures:

 The large island on the right is Kelley's Island and the one to the left is Put In Bay.  If you're from Ohio, these names are familiar to you.

My view for pretty much the entire day

A group shot at the end of the day

I must say I am pretty pleased at having pulled this off.  It was exactly what I needed after a particularly busy week at work and seeing J so happy on the boat made all the planning worth it.

How was your weekend?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oh Bugger

So a couple of nights ago we came home to a little disturbance in the mulch:

We also noticed some of the flowers on the end were looking a little limp.  So J watered everything and swept the mulch back into place.  Fast forward a few days later and my flowers, nearly ALL of them, are looking like this:

I'm beyond annoyed, particularly because whatever is eating these flowers has also started snacking on my basil plant.  

So I ask you, experienced gardeners, what is eating my plants and how do I get rid of it?! J has been tasked with taking a leaf sample to the nursery tomorrow to figure this out, but all of the money I spent on landscaping is all but for naught.  

And if we don't get to the bottom of this, J has asked if a shot gun and flame thrower would be appropriate at warding off said plant invaders.  Sigh.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Week In Review

I can never think of a catchy opening line to a Monday post.  Mostly because Monday's mean the end of the weekend and the start of the work week.  Both of which are sad because let's be honest, it's amazing not having to set an alarm for two days in a row.  Before I go any further and develop a case of the Mondays, I'm just going to dive into today's post on what we did this week/weekend.

I've been MIA due to my day job taking over.  And, as will be the case over the course of the next 5 months, it will consume what time I usually reserve for crafts and blogging.  So bear with me.  That being said, Tuesday night was a nice little break when I realize that the Groupon that I had bought a month earlier was set to expire that day.  So off to the ballpark we went to watch Columbus' minor league team, the Clippers:

It was a fantastically chilly night for baseball.  The Clippers won with what I believe was a stadium record of 21 runs.  We cheered, we ate ballpark goodies, and we walked away with a free round of bowling just for being there.  The night was complete when I got my favorite  snack:
The rest of the week flew by.  I traveled for work on Wednesday, and Thursday and Friday were consumed with event mailings, phone calls, and all kinds of fun things that I won't bore those outside of campaign land with.

Friday was a long one, but J and I concluded it with a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond to get my new toy.  However, being the novice KitchenAid buyer that I am, I didn't realize they wouldn't have the color I wanted in stock.  Sadness ensued, but we went out to dinner and booked it on home to buy it online.  After much back and forth on the color, we went through each one and narrowed it down.

"I like Willow better than Ice, but I like Ice better than Majestic Yellow" 
"That looks too retro, I might not let it sit out on the counter." 
"What about Gloss Cinnamon?"
"No, really, what about Gloss Cinnamon? It looks classic, not retro, I'd let that one sit on the counter."

Those were all statements uttered by J.

BUT, after much consideration, the winner of the KitchenAid "pick my color" contest was....


For those of you going back to check the comments, no one voted for Boysenberry.  However, the more I thought of it, the more yellow seemed too much, blue seemed too standard.  So I went with a color I don't think I'll tire of, but it's not "safe" choice like the silver one I thought I wanted initially.  And now I'll shut up about my damn KitchenAid.  

Until I make all kinds of yummy treats to share on here.

Moving on...

Saturday I did some work work, we got quotes for the shutters on the front of the house, and we ended the day with date night:
Where we picked out new can light (recessed lights) trim for the kitchen and upstairs fixtures.  Unfortunately J pinched a nerve in his neck while golfing last week (tsk tsk) so they haven't made it to the installation phase.  

Today was more cleaning, more laundry and topped off with some homemade mac and cheese for dinner.  

All in all a pretty good weekend.  Relaxing, productive, but all too short.  What were you up to?  

Monday, June 4, 2012

Movin' On Up

Last week J and I met with a realtor to get his feedback on whether our house was ready to sell.  He walked through the house, made a list of the things he thinks we should focus on fixing and pretty much said we're ready to put a "Coming Soon" sign out front.  While I knew this was our goal all along, I'll admit it's a little hard to think about leaving this house.  Leaving our house.  

It's by no means a large family friendly abode--and J has always imagined it going to a nice couple looking for their first home.  But nonetheless, I'm a wee bit sad about the prospect of looking for another house.  I get attached easily, it's my personality.

Our "to do" list includes the following:

1. Screening  the existing wood floor
2.  Painting the exterior trim
3.  Replacing the double paned windows (just the glass because at some point the seal between the two panes had been broken and has fogged up the inside of the two panes)
4.  Getting new shutters for the front (it's all about curb appeal!)

That's it.  No replacing the wood floors, no buying a matching black fridge for the appliances in the kitchen, just those four little (big) things up there.  It's hard to wrap my mind around the fact that we're nearly done with this one and ready to move on to the next, but J is itching for another project and my blog needs more than recipes and Pinterest crafts.

My head is already spinning with details and planning but I'm also looking forward to the next chapter of backsplashes and paint colors.  And getting it out there on the interwebs makes it a lot more real and easier to grasp.  So thanks for listening.

Do any of you aspire to sell your house soon?  Flip it quick and hopefully make a profit?  Or are J and I alone in this venture we've got going?  

And to make up for the lack of pictures, check this and this out for a good Monday morning laugh.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Mix It Up

I'm the kind of girl who loves her technology, but given the choice between an iPad or a house item like a KitchenAid, the KitchenAid will win every time.  I can't tell you how long I've coveted one of these beauties but it goes back before the iPod was even invented.

The other day I was checking in to my bank account and saw the points balance on my debit card was pretty high.  I've been saving them for a day when something I really wanted was available and then I got an idea...If I cashed out my points for a large summed Visa gift card AND used a 20% off coupon to Bed Bath and Beyond, I could get my very own KitchenAid for next. to. nothing.  

So here's where I need some help...I've thought for forever that I wanted any of the silver mixers because they'd go with any type of kitchen decor.  But then J said I should get a color one to make it more fun.  (And we are currently hashing out whether it will sit on the counter or not because he claims nothing sits out on the counter).  Here's my top picks...tell me what you think:

All images via Williams Sonoma
I couldn't post all of the options at once or this would be one long post, but if I left out a color you're passionate about, leave it in the comments.  Both myself and all of the future cookies that J will benefit from thank you.

For now, have a great Friday and enjoy your weekends!

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