Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend via Instagram Week 2

This weekend J and I made the 3 hour drive north to my mom's house.  I always love going home because things are infinitely more calm there and I get to spend some quality time with my family.

The drive up was a cloudy one.  We got half an hour outside of Columbus and it started down pouring.  It then rained off and on for the rest of the trip home so I was very thankful that J was driving.

And what's some good rain without a rainbow to finish it off?
We arrived around 9 to a home cooked meal of pulled pork sandwiches, homemade potato salad and pecan cookies.  There are few things I love more than a good home cooked meal.  The next day we got up and went to pick up patio furniture for my mom and run a few other errands, including a trip to Jo-Ann's.  Then my sister was telling us about a wind farm about 45 minutes away that had hundreds of wind mills in operation:
This picture taken from the car does not do this thing justice.  It's like being in an alternate universe because they span for miles and miles.  But the investment in wind energy is bringing jobs to this part of the state which is a very good thing.

Saturday evening we went to my grandparents' house to visit.  We enjoyed some amazing chocolate mayonnaise cake (my favorite!) and Grandma even had a rhubarb custard ready.  So naturally J helped himself to two slices.  And that resulted in Grandma bringing out her rhubarb recipes so I could make sure I was a "good girlfriend" and taking care of J.  There was rhubarb cake, rhubarb custard and rhubarb crunch:
And J left making sure I knew that he would like any of these options  at least once a week. Maybe when I'm a "stay at home person..."

Then just like that the weekend was over and we were heading back to Columbus.  Back to the house work, back to the outdoor projects, and back to doing work work on a Sunday evening.  Thankfully J ran to the store and got the fixings for my spaghetti craving.  And what's a good spaghetti dinner without meatballs?
That was our weekend, how was yours?


Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! Ending with some fabulous food. I could totally eat that for breakfast right now!

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