Friday, May 18, 2012

Weekend Plans

First and foremost, it's FRIDAY!  How did we get here so fast?  Although I'm sure some of you are wondering why it took so long to get here.  Either way, it's the weekend and we've got some plans.

For starters, (and J is going to KILL me for this) we are cleaning up and organizing this hot mess in the basement:

I take full blame for the craft supplies, the cleaning products and everything else.  While it looks like an episode of hoarders, I assure you it is far from it.  But come Sunday, shit will be thrown out, donated, put into storage or otherwise organized in the basement and I know J cannot wait.

Then we're moving on to the outdoors and making this space a little more pretty:
Since the tulips and crocuses have come and gone, it's time for those pretty, bright, Spring flowers.  J finished replacing the risers on the porch this week and I'm so excited to plant some flowers.  Last year we waited until late summer and by then our options were limited and it was 90 degrees when we opted to plant.  Plus I didn't live here just yet so I didn't get to enjoy them at their peak.

And I'm hoping to get these little guys properly planted and pick up a few buddies for them:
We've got thyme and basil and gosh darn it, I WILL make some homemade pesto this summer.  It's going to be expensive, but pesto is my absolute favorite sauce and I cannot wait to have some in the freezer to pull out on demand.

I'm pretty certain come Sunday we'll be exhausted, but there's always this room to work on if we get bored.  Maybe next weekend...

What are you all up to?


Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

Your basement looks like mine! Scary and cluttered. The basement is the only part of our house that I hate.

Melissa said...

The sad thing is that it's really a great basement! He did a lot of work sealing it and cleaning it and my stuff just took over!

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