Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Play Sets and Long Weekends

You know how you have such a good weekend and you think back over everything you did but then you check your camera and realize you don't actually have that many photos to document it?  No?  Maybe that's just me.  I keep saying I need to get better at taking pictures but it comes in spurts and I don't feel comfortable posting pictures of friends and/or their kiddos on the wide open interwebs.

This "weekend" started Wednesday night when I got off to work and J and I headed to the Cleveland area to visit his friends.  J and his bestie were constructing a SkyFort for the little ones and the instructions called for "two moderately skilled individuals."  Insert two men, two power drills, a couple of tool belts, and one doo-rag made out of weed paper (unfortunately I'll have to claim the guy that was wearing that...) and you had yourself quite the operation.

The end of Day 1 looked something like this:

After 30 hours of blood, sweat, and presumably no tears, the finished product was unveiled:
Why yes, that is a crow's nest up there, complete with a telescope.  And I WISH I had gotten a shot of the bay windows.  

Lemme tell you, those were some happy kids when this was ready to roll.  Even one pint sized little peanut would climb up the back ladder, completely unassisted, so she could run to the front and slide down the slide.  For being nearly 2, she is pretty darn fearless.

J and I came home early Sunday afternoon and Monday morning I was off to a local Memorial Day parade for work.  J was in charge of making barbecue ribs for dinner and after taking notes from our friends in Cleveland, we decided to simmer them in beer.
 2 pints of Guiness for simmering, followed by two hours in the oven wrapped in foil and they were practically falling off the bone.  J even mixed the Guiness reduction with the barbecue sauce for a little more flavor and it was delicious.  Why don't I post a picture you ask?  Because I forgot to take one.  Le sigh.

So 5 days have come and gone and it's back to the grind.  I hope you all had a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.  Did you do anything exciting like build a SkyFort?


Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

I would have LOVED to have a play set like that!! Good work.

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