Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Office Pretty

I love a good craft project and it seems like it's been a while since I actually finished one.  So a while back when I was going through the list of blogs I visit, I came across a Faux Nail Head Trimmed Cork Board over at two twenty one.  It was adorable and would fit perfectly into my  not yet unpacked third floor office space.  So a couple of weeks ago J and I were out on one of our Friday night dates that included a trip to Jo-Ann's.

I had initially thought I was going to get this fabric that I've had my eye on for forever:

But then as we were going through the sale fabrics, I found the exact one that Chelsea at two twenty one had used:
the top one, just ignore that bottom one.
So we picked up one cork board at Hobby Lobby and headed home.  The next day J got some spray adhesive and silver thumb tacks and I got to work.
I sprayed the cork surface with the spray adhesive and laid the fabric over the top.
After smoothing out the fabric, I started lining the edges with the thumb tacks.
If you decide to do this at home, I have two recommendations:
1) buy at least 225 thumb tacks.  I ran out just 25 from the end!
2) feel free to take you time inserting the tacks.  I did the 200 in one evening and the tip of my thumb was sore/practically numb for two days after that.

Once the front side is done, it's time to flip the board over and secure the fabric to the back via hot glue gun:

Just be sure not to accidentally touch the glue after it comes out of the gun or you'll end up with a nice little blister:

Next, it's time to put the hangers on the back of the board.  At this point I called J down to the work room.  Frankly, he's better at it than I am since I would have messed it up somehow:

And the finished product just waiting to be hung:
I just love it and I'm so glad I came across this fabric in the store since I think it makes a great covering.  I'd like to say this is more motivation to get the office unpacked, which it is, but I'd hate to commit to that just yet...


Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

I LOVE IT! I want one for my office! It's so much easier to make one than trying to find one that fits in my awkward desk space.

Cortney said...

That looks SOO good! You've made me want to try it!

Melissa said...

thanks ladies! all in all it was really easy and affordable--i'm even making one for my mom's cubicle at work now!

sea to shining port said...

Such a great idea!! Love!

- Caitlin

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