Friday, May 11, 2012

Fence Face Lift

Waaaaaaay back in November, in this post, you saw how J tore out the existing brick patio, leveled it out, and put it all back together.  Complete with a little privacy fence to hide the trash can, grill, outdoorsy tool things, etc.

We let the fence sit unfinished for the winter so it had a chance to weatherize (if that's a word?) and decided to seal it the first non-rainy weekend we had this spring.  The fence would have stayed it's original color:

But as we gave it some more thought, we decided to try staining it.  So, per the usual order of things, J got to work and took all of the original boards off the frame:
Then he used a wet rag and dampened the boards:
And stained them:

And then he put them back together again!
Once we get the spring landscaping in place, you'll have a better idea of the big picture, but I like it MUCH better than the original wood look!


Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

Where did you get the fence panels?! We met our new rental neighbors last night... and the fence is now a priority.

Melissa said...

He got them at Lowe's...not sure how much they were apiece, but really once you get the frame up they're super easy to just nail into place!

Sorry to hear about the neighbors, I was crossing my fingers for you guys!

luvvleighb said...

Oh I love the facelift! It looks so fresh and vivid!

Melissa said...

Thank you! It looks MUCH better. If we hadn't needed the boards to weatherize so they took the stain better, it would have been done much sooner!

vinylpicketfences said...

Looks great so far. Looks like you will have so much more privacy.

Privacy Picket Fences

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