Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend via Instagram

I cannot believe it's Monday already.  It seems no matter what the weekend holds, there is just never enough time and Monday is here before you know it.  So before I become that girl with a case of the Mondays, let me recap the weekend for you:

Friday evening I was craving a fountain cherry coke something awful.  It's one of my weaknesses, just like a venti bold from Starbucks is one of J's.  So after work, J and I headed north to one of the mall areas in Columbus and he was sweet enough to make sure we stopped at Chick Fil A before we stopped anywhere else:

Even though it was out of the way, I didn't even have to pull out the puppy eyes to get this one, making my victory that much sweeter.  Pun intended.

After we got our beverage situation squared away (J got his Starbucks before we even left the Village, don't you fret), we made our way over to The Great Indoors.  This super sized home furnishing store is going out of business in Columbus and as such have started marking down their inventory.  It's still in the early phases of closing (read: 20% was the average discount) so not much that we could get for a steal.  

But we had been looking for something to fill a corner in the living room and we ended up with this:
I am pleased to say J did the arranging of the vase with the inserts.  If anything, the boy is particular.

I also got to stop at Jo-Ann's for fabric for an upcoming project:
Saturday was cold and rainy so we spent most of the day inside until we made a quick Target/grocery run.  But rather than go to the store on an empty stomach, we swung by Piada for a delicious dinner:
For those of you outside of Columbus, Piada is a local Italian restaurant much like Chipotle.  You can pick a pasta bowl, a salad bowl or a Piada (an Italian type sandwich) and pick your meat, toppings, and sauce (I highly recommend their Fresh Basil Pesto).  It's a favorite of J and I's and soooooo delicious.

We had an early evening at home and Sunday we got up and got to work.  J outside:
more on this project later...
And me in the kitchen:
recipe to come...
Then before we knew it, the day was nearly over and it was time to get ready for work.

That's what we were up to this weekend, what about you guys?


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