Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Wish List: Stress Relief

I have always been a big sleeper.  As in, I need my sleep in order to fully function or there will come a point in my sleep deprived day when I start crying for absolutely no reason other than I'm tired.  I'm like a 27 year old baby that way, I guess.  And I fully aspire to be one of those parents who can get their 3 month old on a sleep schedule so mama can get her z's.  Fingers crossed I'll have a cooperative child when that time comes.

Usually when I don't get sleep it's work or stress related.  Often times a good combination of both because, gosh darn it, I want people to like me.  I want my work product to be great.  I want to make sure J is happy even after I snap at him for leaving the dish cloth full of soapy water at the bottom of an empty sink uh-gain.  I want to give enough time to my friends and family even though I know it will never really be enough.  And these are all of the thoughts that consume me when I'm trying to go to sleep at night or when I have a free minute at work to remember whether I mailed that birthday card or not.  And if we were friends, you'd be getting a birthday card in the mail -- it's kind of my thing.

So in my never ending attempt to please, which is hard when you're also very sarcastic, I thought I'd share a few things that help me unwind.

First up is this fantastic product:

I received the Lavender Chamomile Body Wash & Foam Bath and the corresponding lotion for Christmas this year and it. is. heavenly.  If you remember this post, you know that J installed a deep bath tub with jets in the upstairs bathroom.  These two things alone are enough to whisk away the stress of a hard day.

But for those of you whose budget knows no bounds, I present to you the following:
For $3,000 this "zero gravity" chair will massage your troubles away.  I will have one of these by the time I retire.  If not sooner...

And for the budgets in between bubble bath and massage chairs:
The Sound Machine.  With 20 different sounds, surely this will put your mind at ease.

I've also found working and deep breathing to be extremely helpful, but what fun is a wish list without some pictures?  And when all else fails, head for the Xanax.


Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

Sign me up for that massage chair if I ever win the lottery. Ugh it looks amazing.

Melissa said...

Even after the news of how much I owed in taxes I found myself rationalizing a budget for that chair. Future wedding registry anyone?? haha

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