Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday.  My 28th birthday to be exact.  Yet I feel no different than I did at 27, only this year I wasn't nearly as excited for my birthday as I usually am.  Weird, because last Christmas I was lacking the same excitement and enthusiasm that I used to have.  Maybe I'm just getting older, but I sure hope I don't turn into one of those curmudgeons who hates holidays and birthdays because dammit, I love a good celebration.

So before this post gets all deep and sappy, I'll make it short and sweet.  

Between all of the Facebook posts, the 5 singing telegrams via phone and the cards I received in the mail, it was a pretty good birthday.  J made a delicious dinner of steak and shrimp scampi, after the poor guy got home late from his jury duty/real job schedule he's been keeping.  AND he made me a chocolate mayonnaise cake using my Grandma's recipe.  

He's a keeper for sure.  

I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life who made the day so special.  Favorite singing telegram: "Happy Birthday to youuuu, that's all the singing I'm going to dooooo."

I keep saying this was a great first annual 28th birthday celebration.  I'm looking forward to what the next five or so have in store.


Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

Happy late birthday! My friend celebrates the anniversary of his 30th birthday every year. We just had the 3rd anniversary of it this year.

Jamie said...

Happy late birthday!

Melissa said...

Thanks ladies! I'm all about prolonging 28 as long as I can! I still get asked where I'm going to college even though it's been 6 years since I graduated. We'll keep this going until I need to up it to 30 :)

Celeste said...

I'll be turning 28 in October, and I've noticed birthday's are becoming less and less exciting. I think it's because 30 is just around the corner and it seems so unreal...and somewhat sad. I don't wanna grow up! But Happy Late Birthday! It sounds like it was a good day :)

Melissa said...

Celeste, I think you're right. It's the whole turning 30/growing up/having to make more adult life decisions...it can be downright depressing! Thank you for the birthday wishes though, and hopefully turning 28 for you is more exciting :)

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