Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Wish List

I cannot believe it's almost April.  It feels like just yesterday I had the planner out and was mapping out the weekends we would be traveling and how excited I was that March had five whole weekends in it.  Such is life.

With April comes one day where I make J bow down and celebrate the awesomeness that is Melissa.  Actually, I make him celebrate me for a whole week because I think we should all get more than just one day to celebrate being born.  But before you go saying that isn't fair and I shouldn't take advantage of him, rest assured: he gets a birthday week too.  In fact, birthday weeks started with his birthday a couple of years ago. 

During the week of the birthday, the honoree is given little gifts.  For instance, J likes loves Henri Bendel candles (particularly Vanilla) and he gets one each year for his birthday week.  'Cause this girl ain't about to drop 30 dollars every time homeboy burns through a candle.  Which is like once a week.  Moving on...

Now, I figure J might be at a loss for birthday ideas so what better way to give some hints than to share via blog, right?  I always feel guilty receiving gifts (we just had this conversation yesterday, actually) so I'm going to throw out a few things I've had my eye on and just walk away.

I love silver jewelry.  And given my short hair I don't think I can pull off dangly earrings, so often I resort to a pair of studs.  I've gone through a few pairs of bead earrings that usually end up getting tarnished despite the claim of being "stainless."  I would love to invest in this pair from Tiffany's.  It's a pretty penny for them, but they've been on my list for a while and there is a bracelet and necklace to match.  You know, for future ideas.

Like a lot of girls I know, I'm in dire need of some updated makeup brushes.
While I'm not a heavy makeup wearer, I could use some nicer brushes than the ones I got about ten years ago as a gift with purchase.  

Last on my list this week is a little something to help organize my craft mess projects in the basement:
I've been looking for a cute sewing machine tote since the arrival of my machine for Christmas.  Currently, due to lack of a whole room dedicated to nothing but crafting goodness, the machine goes back in its box after each use.  And there is a complete lack of cute totes out there that don't look like they were made from some 45 year old spinster.  This little guy is a tad pricey, but can you really put a price on functionality combined with cuteness?  No.  No you cannot.


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