Monday, March 12, 2012

Operation Pendant Lights: Complete!

Well folks, I am pleased to inform you that the pendant lights are DONE!  If you'll remember, we left off last week with our ceiling looking like this:

J used last week to apply the mud to the drywall, sand it, mud it again, and sand some more.  Once it was up to snuff, he taped off the kitchen and got to work painting.  And the man is dedicated--we were skyping with his brother and sister in law after the birth of their little girl that morning and all you would see is J's shadow in the background painting, throwing in the occasional comment or only stopping when the computer was facing the baby.  Honestly.

Come Friday, after a busy week at work, I was ready for an evening of doing absolutely nothing.  Of course J was darn antsy to get the lights up since he had finished the second coat of paint earlier that day and it was dry and ready to go.

The first part of the installation was putting up the blue electrical boxes.  These boxes serve as the anchor for the light fixture.  The wiring seen above is brought through the electrical box and the box is then put up in to the hole (a lip around the outside of the box keeps it from going into the ceiling).  Once the box is in, screws on either side of the circle are used to secure it into place--these particular boxes had these wings that were flush against the box when placed into the ceiling but would flip out when screws were used, thus securing the wings and the box into the drywall.

J then did some electrical magic and we were ready to put up the base of the lights.  The base fit over the blue electrical box and screwed into the box to secure it.
Once the base was secured, we measured 30" off of the counter and raised the cord so the bottom of each globe would hit that mark.
After that, it was just a matter of popping on the globes themselves.  Once the ceiling was put back together and the painting done, it was fairly smooth sailing on the installation itself.
We did some looking at a local lighting store and online and found a lot of lights for $100+.  Which means not in our budget.  We found these at our local Lowe's (I couldn't find the white online but they come in red and an amber color) for $14.98 for the globe and then we  could pick out which fixture we wanted--we went with this one for $20 apiece.  Bringing our total per light to about $35.  Not bad if I do say so myself.  I love how the white accents the counter and the backsplash so well, don't you think?

We are now just one refrigerator (looking for a black one to match the rest of the appliances) and one backordered backsplash (to complete the island) away from having a finished kitchen!

That was our weekend, how was yours?


Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

It looks AMAZING! I cannot even begin to tell you how jealous I am of your beautiful kitchen. In fact, I am emailing Andy this post right now so I can show him what I want to do in our kitchen.

House Sweet It Is said...

Thanks Shannon! It's been a work in progress for what seems like forever, but we are so thrilled with how it's come together! We just need to replace that darn refrigerator!

Messy said...

wow! Theylook great! I like the shape you picked...


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