Tuesday, March 27, 2012

He Gave Me the Green Light!

In typical J fashion we were at home one night enjoying yet another episode of 30 Rock/Big Bang Theory when out of nowhere he says, "I think you should do it."  "Uh, do what?" I replied.  "Stencil the bathroom."  Like he was just sitting there and casually throws it out there, nbd.

Naturally it was in the middle of the week when getting right to work on stenciling isn't an option and I was almost certain that given his lack of response to this post I wasn't going to get my way.  But, I did!  I've been perusing Etsy and Amazon and the possibilities are truly endless.  So I'm hoping for a little feedback from you guys!

Without further ado, here are the top contenders:

It's busy, but I like it.  Would it work in a small space?

It's the very traditional trellis pattern.  I love it's symmetry, but is it too plain?
THIS has a lot going on.  And it looks like a lot of work to make it seamless.  But it's different, which I like, and it's super busy.
I love the subtlety of this one.  Pretty?  Check.  Symmetrical?   Check.  Fairly easy to apply?  Check!

But then there was this one.  I'm obsessed with gray and yellow lately and I can't help but be drawn to it:
Undecided is where I'm at right now.  And damn if these stencils aren't expensive!  J might be getting out his knife and making me one if I can't muster up the courage to buy one at full price.

It's only my second stencil post and I'm getting overwhelmed by the pictures!  But knowing J, I'll present the options and he'll pick what he wants.  Which always ends up being what I love.  We're good together like that.


Messy said...

I would pick the first one. I think the rest are going to be very hard and intricate to do and if you make one little mistake it might be so noticeable. Plus you want something clean in the bathroom right? If your worried about it be too much, why don't you just do one or two walls??
Great idea - glad the hubby finally approved it! So exciting!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the feedback! It's an oddly shaped bathroom (one of the walls is short and at an angle) so I only have one wall that doesn't have a door or another type of fixture on it...so doing one wall might be something to consider! I'm torn on whether to step outside of my comfort zone though and go with something a bit busier. We'll see and I'll be sure to keep the blog community updated! :)

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

The first and second are my faves. I can't wait to see what you pick!

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