Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday Wish List: Office Space

A while back, like let's head back to November, back, I showed you a sneak peak of our office space on the third floor loft above the master bedroom.  Unfortunately, much to J's disappointment, that space is still not unpacked.  It's more because I don't know where to put my stuff because there is only the one desk as storage space and less the fact that I don't want to do it. 

But I've been perusing Pinterest for some ideas on office spaces and I am addicted to some of these spaces!  Truly, it makes me wish I could do my day job from our cozy third floor with a view.

I am loving this long white desk with the pop of color coming from the accent chairs!  Cozy and oozing of productivity and organization!  And those desk lamps!  This would be great for a space for kids to do their homework or for associates at an in-home business. 

There is so much to enjoy about this room, starting with the green walls.  Everything is clean and organized and I like the L shaped desk that permits more workspace and utilizes the corner of the room well.  Also loving the book shelves!

And what would an office post be without a beautiful space from Pottery Barn?
Oh the crafts that could be made in this room!  Again, I love the organization, and the wrapping paper unit on the wall would be so handy!

I'm hoping to get the office a little more usable soon, but it will most likely be during the month of March once work slows down a tad.

Have any of you decorated a home office?  How much space were you able to dedicate to it and what pieces were a must have?


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