Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday Wish List: Herb Gardens

The co-habitation that I'm currently partaking in has me doing all kinds of things that I never thought to have interest in.  Picking out backsplashes?  Not six months ago.  Deciding whether to cover up sconce holes or leave them be?  Who cares?!  Planting flowers?  Um worms are in there, need I say more?  But alas, I am in full nesting mode--as much as a girl can be for not being married.  And as such, things like herb gardens strike my fancy.

Last summer I was dabbling ever so slightly in herbs (nothing illegal for all of you even thinking of going there), just some parsley, basil and chives.  Why those?  Well because I found these ah-dorable pots and because chives were the only thing at the green house that was left after parsley and basil.  

Unfortunately the parsley and basil didn't make it through the season.  Obviously because I wasn't living here, J is taking the blame for being a bad herb daddy.  But this year I want to start fresh.  Yes it's only almost March, but after seeing my tulip bulbs peeking through the soil, I'm getting antsy for Spring.  

I love these little pots, but I'm looking to plant a few more things and have been perusing Pinterest for some ideas:

Or maybe:

If we had space J would let me:

No really, if we had space:
Ideally I would have enough space for any of these options, and I'd almost be willing to have an in-ground vegetable and herb garden if I could just conquer that fear of critters, bugs, and slimy things.  But I'm anxious to plant a few pots of tasty herbs this spring and hopefully keep them going until fall.

Have you ever planted an herb garden?  What are your favorites to plant?  I'm thinking we'll need parsley for sure (J's favorite), basil so I can make some homemade pesto, chives because they taste delicious sprinkled on just about anything, and rosemary.  Can't wait!


Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

I have a hydroponic basil plant growing in a pint glass in my kitchen windowsill right now, but I want a real herb garden. I love the ideas you posted!

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