Thursday, February 9, 2012

Making a 'Splash

Throughout the whole kitchen process, J has taken careful consideration when deciding what type of counters to get, whether we're replacing any or all of the appliances, and what color to paint the cabinets as opposed to refacing them.  For the backsplash, however, he had his mind made up with the snap of a finger and I'm thrilled!

As you may recall in the weekend recap, we began last weekend with a date to the Tile Shop.  We've been there a time or five before and wanted to get an idea for the backsplash.  He wanted to incorporate blues into it and I was open to ideas, but secretly holding out hope for my stainless steel penny tile.  Unfortunately, after holding the sample slab of granite up to the penny tile, it was just too much silver in the room.  While saddened, I may just hold on to the penny tile for the forever house.  Who wants to get it and then just turn around and sell the place?  Not I, I tell you.  Not I.

It turned out there wasn't much at the Tile Shop that fit what J had visualized.  So home we went and Saturday morning set off for Hamilton Parker.  It's a local store specializing in tiles, fireplaces, brick and garage doors.  They have locations in Cincinnati, Delaware (Ohio), and Columbus.

Within 5 minutes, I kid you not, J found the backsplash of his dreams.  We had a little input from another couple in the store who are also remodeling their home.  He is an artist and as such has a natural eye for colors and materials and was very helpful in sealing the decision between the two options we picked.  So without further ado, I present to you the backsplash!  

A little hard to see, but there is a mix of dark blue, light blue (almost green), gray, and some tan marble pieces.  Each of the glass pieces come in frosted and clear so it adds a nice texture to it.  

The tiles come in 1' x 1' sheets and can be cut with a wet saw (J has two of those) and will be going up on this wall:
We also have a small space around the island that needs coverage as well.  While we love the elongation of the first tiles, we were also presented with a sample of small squares in the same colors and materials.  The two complement each other perfectly and will add a little pop to the island.
This is a much better portrayal of the colors since due to a big hole in the ceiling, I am short two lights that would better illuminate the sample above.

The small squares will go here:
J ordered a new microwave this week, which takes approximately 12 days to get here so until that arrives, we can't put up the backsplash behind the stove.  But the good news is that the backsplash is ordered and will be here before the microwave so when that appliance is all secured into place, we can get to work.

The downside to all of this is that the small squares are on backorder until March.  I am thankful it's not the tile that will be on the back wall that we have to go without, but if we've waited this long, what's another month and a half?

And if you're still playing the Backsplash Drinking Game, awesome.  I will be joining you this evening.


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