Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday Wish List: Valentine's Edition

Usually around February 1st you hear the rumblings of Valentine's Day being a holiday created by the greeting card industry as a way to sell cards/candy/material items.  I can't disagree, but to that I say, "so what?"  

The same thing could be said about the commercialization of Christmas but both come with the same(ish) message: love your friends, love your family, love your lovers and keep on loving Jesus.  And why not celebrate the celebration of love?  Too much too early this morning?  Too bad.
That is how J feels, complete with twirling.

Below are some gift ideas for Valentine's day.  All things I would want myself and I know J reads the blog to get ideas so here goes:

Gentlemen, you cannot go wrong with something from Tiffany.  Just be sure that whatever it is does not come in a box shaped like a ring box (ie no earrings) because that is a cruel joke.  Unless it is a ring, then carry on.

I have resisted the urge to put an iPad up on the Wish List because it's so what everyone else is getting/wishing for and because I haven't deemed it necessary.  But I am coming around and I reeeeeeally want one.  The white one is adorbs and would look fantastic hanging out with my MacBook Pro and my iPhone.

And what iPad wouldn't look even more adorable with this Michael Kors case?  I'm dying over here.  My online shopping is going to get me in trouble...

...but I've got a good one for the gents on a budget:
A candlelit room.  Like candles everywhere (on non-flammable surfaces of course).  You could do a candlelit dinner that you prepared (or picked up from her favorite restaurant), you could have a candlelit room ready for a couples massage.  You could even do a candlelit house if you're up for it.  Which always makes me think of the scene from Friends where Chandler proposes to Monica.....sigh.

We made it to Wednesday folks and 13 days until v-day.  I'll consult J for some manly ideas for next week.  In the meantime, did anyone notice my slip of the keyboard when I revealed his real name yesterday?  My readers are mainly family so you all know it anyway, but he promptly made me take it down.  He likes being elusive like that.  He'll be revealed in good time, I'm certain of it.


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