Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday Wish List: Resolution Edition

Like most everyone, I like to start my new years with a few resolutions.  The obvious "eat better," "workout more," and "save more money" are always there.  But the older I get, the more I think serious thoughts about where my life is headed, what I've accomplished, what I hope to accomplish, and what might be out there that I haven't even thought to attempt yet.

Throughout most of 2011 (and throughout nearly all of my years online), I never once thought of starting my own blog.  Who would want to read what I have to say?  And did I really have anything that important to say anyway?  After getting a few ideas to write about our house and reading a ton of blogs online, I decided to give it a shot.  

It's far from perfect and I'm always trying to find time to learn coding and layouts, but I'm kind of proud to have found something that I've stuck with for nearly 3 months now.  I'm an instant gratification kind of girl.  If it's hard, I'll give it a try but if it requires a good bit of persistence I'll most likely drop it like a bad habit.  But my little piece of the internet is still going strong and it drives me to keep posting each day.  

And that brings me to this week's Wish List:
1. Finish what I start.  
That monthly book club book, the art display in the bathroom, learning how to knit and master my sewing machine, etc.  

2.  Make more time for friends and family.
There are friends I haven't seen in two years for no good reason other than the timing has never seemed right for a visit.  This year I will make time.

3.  Be a better communicator.
I have a temper that would make John McEnroe look like Mother Teresa.  I can fly into a rage for no good reason and stay that way for hours.  More often than not, it's a trivial matter that got me there, but I need to be better at expressing my feelings and thoughts as opposed to just getting angry and taking it out on others...mainly J.

4.   Get organized.
I'm a pretty organized person.  I used to be awesome at it and nothing was out of place.  That has changed in recent years and now I feel like everyday is a scramble (organizationally speaking) and I'll never catch up.  Must. do. better.

5.  Be a better friend, sister, girlfriend, daughter.
This ties in to number 2, and also has some reasons I'm not ready to post about.  But it's on my list.

Last but not least, I wish you all the health, happiness and prosperity that a new year can bring.  I'm kicking off resolution number 1 tonight with an intro to sewing class where I learn the ins and outs of my new sewing machine and I'm sure the rest of the list won't be  all down hill from there, but I'm giving a shot.  Happy 2012.


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