Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Wish List: Gallery Wall Edition

For Christmas J and I were the lucky recipients of one Ikea gift card.  You might remember back on my inaugural Wednesday Wish List, I included the dresser we wanted that is a part of the bedroom collection we currently have so you can imagine our elation when J's dad surprised us with it when he came to visit.

The closest Ikea is in Cincinnati, or about 1.5 hours away.  J was eager to get down there and wanted to go New Year's weekend despite the gaping hole in our bedroom wall, against which the dresser would sit.  So, contrary to the natural order of things, my cooler head prevailed and we waited until this past weekend to go--once the bedroom wall was put back together and the tools were settled back in their tool home.

The original plan was to go Saturday morning but, again, someone (not me) got antsy and we were in the car immediately following work Friday night.  We made it with 2 hours left to shop, picked up the dresser, got a few kitchen ideas and booked it on over to Maggiano's for dinner.

We  J started putting together the dresser Saturday morning:

Now you all weren't around when we built the spare bedroom furniture (bed, dresser, nightstand) or the master bedroom furniture (bed and two nightstands) but let me tell you, building anything other than a bookshelf from Ikea is a test of a relationship. 

So far I am 3 for 3 on Ikea projects where J has started and I end up needing to swoop in and correct his method before something breaks or we run out of screws.  Not because he doesn't get it, but because he works better by just building it instead of using un-captioned pictures in a manual.

So I made myself comfortable and got to work explaining which piece goes where.
We finished the frame Saturday and by Sunday afternoon J had the drawers complete.  We know our limits and for our sanity, it made sense to take a break.  
Now I present the finished product:
please excuse the mess as we re-organize...
Now, for the "Wish List" part of Wednesday Wish List...

I am in the process of creating a gallery wall above the dresser because we have a solid 3 (if not 4) feet between the top of the tv and the ceiling and the wall is rather wide.  You can see a better shot of it here:
obviously J has been on picture duty with all the ESPN going on...
So I present to you a few options we are considering.  
Something with symmetry and uniformity:
Something still rather symmetrical but a bit more whimsical:
Or something completely whimsical (or whimsical for me anyway) with a few non-framed items thrown in?
But given J and I's affection for uniformity, I have a feeling it will be one of these:
I'm very excited to map this out this weekend and get to work.  Most likely the photos we frame will be black and whites and maybe an item or two unframed.  The possibilities really are endless (and a tad overwhelming).

Have you successfully done a gallery wall of your own?  Tell me about it, I'm looking for ideas and would be happy to feature you on here!


Anonymous said...

Ooo! I love the whimsical option the best by far! So cute! Although the one with symmetry is cute, it is so not me lol :)

About the photoshop elements... I forget exactly what version it is, but it's the newest one out there... Is that the '10?

Melissa said...

I'm trying to loosen up a bit and make it fun so we'll see!

Thanks for letting me know about photoshop, so hard to pull the trigger on something that isn't necessarily for the house. But I do have a birthday coming up in April so maybe I'll hold out until then!

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