Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Wish List: Backsplashes

It seems as though the week before one travels is always chock full of events.  I've had a series of uneventful, non busy weeks since our Christmas travel but now I'm planning to head to Northwest Ohio for the weekend  and I've got something going on every night this week.  So that being said, I'm going to keep this post short and sweet, just like yesterday's.

In the never ending kitchen rennovation, we've already finished the cabinets by repainting them and adding new hardware.  And we've torn out the counters and old backsplash.  But not before picking out our new counters and making a template of the new rounded out bar top.  It feels like we've done a lot, but when you type it all out, it doesn't seem like all that much.  But we're getting there folks.  And one week from today, I should have a newly installed counter to show off!

So the last element of our kitchen is finding the perfect backsplash.  Well, that and replacing the white fridge and non-working microwave, but all in due time.  So I spent a little time online looking for inspiration.  And when you've seen one backsplash, it seems like you've seen them all.  Especially on Pinterest.   But I found a few that I'm luh-ving and would appreciate your feedback!

I like the pop of blue in this one, but more so I like the subway tile look.  Our granite has some blackish blue specks with white, tan, and a hint of silver.  So perhaps a lighter blue to go with or a stainless steel?

I really enjoy the look of a tin backsplash.  The detail adds a nice dynamic and there is nothing better than a tin ceiling in a historical building--why not share that on the walls?  Unfortunately we have a small space (like 5 inches tall) behind the sink on the island that will need covered and I just don't think tin will do it.

This granite has a very similar look to ours and I am loving the iridescent look.  Would J approve? I'm not so sure.  Honey, are you reading this?

But personally I am holding out for this one...keeping my fingers crossed, not getting too excited when J floats the idea around, lest he crush it a day later:
LOVE this tile.  It looks hexagonal or could be penny, but I. adore. it.  White cabinets with the metallic backsplash would make the counters, the cabinets, and our black appliances stand out.  And you'll remember that I referenced my awesome Tile Shop find here!

The final decision usually comes from J. After I've put in my two cents and he's gone back and forth a million times on the options.  Funny thing is that it's usually the option I would have picked, it's just a matter of getting him to see that.  This whole co-habitating thing is a lot of hard work, mentally speaking.  

I'm hoping to have a decision made soon because once that counter comes, I'll be jonesing to finish up this room!

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sea to shining port said...

I love the penny tile!! Young House Love has an awesome tutorial about putting this stuff up. So simple, but different! Good luck on J!


Melissa said...

Yes I saw that! I showed J and he said why not just use a wet saw? I figure he knows better than I, so I guess we'll see! My vote is penny tile too, the stainless just looks so clean. Thanks for the vote!

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