Thursday, January 12, 2012

We're Getting Closer.... a completed kitchen!

J is in a downright giddy mood these days.  And giddy is the perfect word to describe it.  As in, "I'm so excited I will probably talk about this so much you'll be annoyed."  Literally (and that is the correct usage of the word) he said that very phrase tonight.  Twice.

What could possibly have my dear sweet boyfriend in such a fit that would rival that of a adolescent girl in the front row at a Justin Bieber concert?  Sadly it's not an engagement ring my friends.  It's counter tops.  And granite ones at that.

One of my very early posts was about our kitchen.  We have tossed around every idea from cabinet refacing to just painting.  Replacing all of the appliances to replacing none.  Corian, quartz, travertine, tile, granite, granite tiles and even concrete.  In this post and this one, I detailed our journey thus far.  

And I thought we had come to the conclusion of concrete until it became apparent that the space required to build a mold and actually construct them ourselves (because that's how we roll), was going to take far more space that we were willing to give up.  Read: our entire living room.

So we kept looking, researching (more J than me) and comparing prices and decided to bite the bullet and go with granite.  Now, there are a few things to know about granite and I'll spare you all of the confusing words in the Wiki article:

1.  Granite is a widely common, naturally occurring stone.
2.  By definition, it contains 20% quartz by volume.  We like pretty quartz.
3.  Granite is an igneous rock meaning it is formed from the cooling and solidification of magma.  The cooling can take thousands or even millions of years to complete.  
Insert J making a "liquid hot magma" quote from Austin Powers. Sigh.
4.  Granite is rated on an alphabet system (A-Z) which is determined by the minerology, texture and chemical composition of each piece.  A being the cheaper end, Z being the most expensive.
5.  Granite can be found all over the world.

Beginning with our Ikea trip last weekend, J hit the ground running on finding prices.  With Ikea in Cincinnati, we would have to use one of their contractors which meant a fee for them to travel to Columbus.  BUT, we found a color that we love and were able to use that in our shopping.  However, for those of you living near an Ikea, seriously check out their selection.  Extremely competitively priced!

Fast forward to Monday night and we found ourselves at Home Depot.  We found the same stone there for the same price as Ikea, minus the contractor travel fee since we were in town.  Score! Got the estimate.

Tuesday J visited a fabricator (the folks who install the granite) who mentioned a few suppliers that we could check out to see actual slabs.  J did some more research and found not only the color we wanted but also found it for $10 cheaper per square foot than both Ikea and Home Depot.  If it was even possible, he was MORE giddy than before.

So come Wednesday night, we were off to the warehouse to look at some slabs.  A few pictures for you to break up the otherwise wordy post:

So much to choose from! A large selection of different colors, finishes and stones:

We found so many beautiful options, but given our black appliances, we want to keep from going too dark with the counters.  As a result, we stuck with our original color plan of Azul Platino:
Difficult to see in the photos, but it doesn't look like Corian in person.  The perk is that it is in the A category of granite meaning it's among the most affordable.  Obviously since this is an investment property, we are not looking to blow the bank, but we are getting all of the awesomeness that granite can offer.  Also in person, it appears lighter with some silver flecks that shimmer in the light.  

J is one smitten kitten and I can't say I blame him.  In the warehouse he kept running his hands over all of the pieces in nearly ever category talking about how he loves the history of the rocks and seeing the lines, wondering what stories they tell.  He is a history/science nerd if I haven't already shared this with you.  I'll probably get in trouble for this paragraph so moving on...

So that is where we currently stand.  J is calling the fabricator tomorrow to discuss the dirty details of when and how much and he'll be visiting the warehouse again tomorrow to look at the actual slab that we will be purchasing.  

And I told him he can't renege on this decision like he did the concrete because I've already told the world we're getting granite.


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