Monday, January 23, 2012

Let's Grab Our Demo Sticks!

"Is there such a thing a demo stick,"you might be asking yourself.  Well, um, no, not exactly.  But we'll get to that later.

I'm sure you're probably thinking seriously, another kitchen post?  Are we done with this yet? And again, I'd have to tell you no, not even close.  Our new counters are coming on February 1st so we are in the process of getting rid of the old and making room for the new.  And in order to make sure everything is ready, we are getting a jump start on tearing everything apart.

Enter Saturday morning.  As I was getting ready to go to a bridal shower, J pulled out the tools and got to work.  When I left the house, the kitchen looked normal:

And when I returned it looked a little less normal.  But we can't go from start to finish right at the beginning can we?  No.  So here are the in progress shots:

 Prying up the old Corian
 So much for re-selling the whole piece...
J in action...still won't let me take a picture with his face in it...

And finally with the Corian removed!  This is where I burst out into my rendition of "Oh Happy Day."  Literally.

Now with the plywood removed.  Getting tired of the pictures yet?

J did an awesome job of managing construction and photo duty while I was at the shower.  Once the bar top was removed and some tricky electrical work was complete, we called it quits for the day (J was rightfully exhausted and we had a trip to Jo-Ann's to complete!) and resumed the work Sunday morning.

Enter: Corian backsplash!

I won't rehash this subject, but word to the wise: Corian does not a good backsplash make.  And if you want to start a drinking game of how many times I say Corian, ew, and backsplash in the same post, I would encourage that.  And I may even join you.  But let me know first so I'm not drinking alone here. 

Anyhoodle, illustrated below is the ew factor.  The bottom of the cabinets are at the top of the picture, in between them is where the microwave used to sit.  Then you see a splattered space, followed by more grossness of where the the stove was backed up to.  And stove is pictured bottom left.

Out came the wrecking bar and hammer and down came the Corian!

I wish we would have had a third person on site take either pictures or video of the in progress because once it came off, it. came. off.  To avoid chunks breaking off over the cabinets, we carried the whole slab to the other side of the bar.

And in my post demo adrenaline rush, I proclaimed, "Let's go grab our demo sticks and break that sucker apart!!!"  To which J starting laughing hysterically and said, "They're called wrecking bars and why don't I just hold one end while you walk up the piece.  It'll snap into thirds."  And that is exactly what happened.  Pretty anticlimactic actually:
J spent the rest of the day cleaning off the old plaster behind the Corian and doing a lot more electrical work while I went to brunch with a friend.  Don't judge me people, I have a social life!

And when I came home, the plaster was gone and this is what remained!

All in all a pretty picture intensive post, but that's what we were up to this weekend folks!  It's hardly major construction, but I did get one pinched finger out of the deal and my reaction wasn't nice...think of that show Renovation Realities with the couples that do their own renos...yeah, I was that girl.  But the perk is that J actually knows what he's doing, I'm just an innocent, short tempered participant.

Any thoughts out there on a new backsplash?  We are thinking glass perhaps, something with a little bit of color for sure.  So yes, there will be another kitchen post this week.  Likely 3 or 4 more.  And feedback is welcome!


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