Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's Electric!

<Insert melody to the cliche wedding song here because it's that awesome>

Leaving J alone with the camera this weekend while I attended my two social functions had it's perks.  He is fully supportive of my part time blogging gig and as such, has started coming up with ideas for posts.  I love it.

After returning home on Saturday, I was presented with another one of his post ideas:

"What do you think about J's Weekly Safety Tip?" he asked.

"Well, do you have enough material to give me a weekly safety tip?"

"Not really.  But I got a good one for today."

this is usually how this plays out...

Since yesterday's post was so photo heavy, we're going to keep today's short and sweet.

We currently have six outlets in the kitchen that we use for everything, from the coffee maker to the house alarm.  That's right, this place is like Fort Knox so don't go getting any ideas of stopping by to hit my heated bathroom floors, mmmmkay? 

The six outlets are a bit much and their locations could be consolidated, so we are in the process of eliminating and moving some.  And in order to do so, we had to remove the plate covers followed by the backsplash.

So the plate covers came off and the backsplash came down and we found that the part of the electrical outlet that sits inside of the wall (I am informed "screw terminals" is the technical term) was not wrapped in electrical tape. 
Enter (in booming microphone voice) J's Safety Tip of the Week, da da daaaaaahhh!!!

It's perfectly okay for these terminals not to be wrapped when they are sitting securely in the wall.  But if you are attempting your own electrical work, which is not advised if you don't know what you're doing, you best be taping them gold screws up.  Because if properly wired, simply touching them will "electrocute your ass."  Sorry Grandma and Grandpa, had to use his exact words because it makes the story more authentic.

So one quick fix with some tape-ola and you're in bidness:
Now you can resume your electrical work and even plug in a crock pot or two, all with minimal sparking and no fear of being electrocuted.  Just kidding.  But not really.


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