Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm sewing...for serious.

For those of you who know me, and for those of you who don't, this whole being crafty thing is not in my wheel house.  The last time I touched a hot glue gun (prior to last month) was in second grade when I was in Girl Scouts.  

The last time I touched a sewing machine was about 13 years ago in my high school home ec class.  Or, rather, "Living Skills" because we were getting on the politically correct bandwagon and apparently Home Ec was discriminatory to boys who were taking the class.  And while were at it, Mrs. Scranton, learning how to cook ground beef in the microwave is not a "living skill" that I held on to.  Frankly, it's just plain lazy.  As is your Tang/Sprite punch, but that's a story for another day.  Moving on...

For Christmas, I got a sweet sewing machine from my mama.  Mentioned in this post last week.  So, not knowing/retaining much about my last sewing experience which involved measuring myself and making a pair of pj pants, I needed to sign up for a class.  My friend Megan, who loves all things fashion and knows how to sew herself, recommended this adorable little shop called Sew to Speak:

I love a good play on words (obviously, hello blog title) and I'm a big fan of small businesses, so given the good recommendation, I signed up.

The Introduction to Sewing/Your Machine Class was scheduled for 2 1/2 hours.  During this time, you learn the names to all the different parts of the machine, what they do, how to use them, how to thread it, etc.  The best part is that you bring your own machine so you learn how to use it, rather than another one where you have to transfer your skills over when you get home.

I picked out my fabric when I arrived at the store, as well as the snap closure for the wallet.

To avoid looking like the weird girl who kept taking pictures, I only managed two snapshots prior to the beginning class (all via iPhone):

The fat quarters (look at me, using sewing terms!!) and snap 

The machine, finally out of the box!

We covered all the basics and then it was time to cut the fabric and make the wallet.  I was nervous even though there were only four of us in the class, and botched my first cuts.  But I had enough fabric leftover to fix it. 

So by the time I fix the fabric and pin it all together, I'm officially behind everyone else.  And to add insult to injury, I start sewing it only to break a needle.  Now I'm all kinds of flustered, behind the other three girls, and worried I'm going to mess this up royally.  

But thankfully, I got it all done, about 5 minutes after everyone else, and ended up with this:
Not bad for a semi-first timer.  Although J says he'd never be the slow kid in class because "it's just not acceptable."  Thanks for the support, dear.

I'm going to make a few more of these and hopefully master the pattern.  Who knows, maybe I'll open up an Etsy shop one of these days...What can I say, I get a little ahead of myself sometimes...

But seriously, let me know if you want to order one.


Cristin Harber said...

You should absolutely open an Etsy shop!

Melissa said...

Hey stranger! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog! I think if I get more stuff made, I would consider it for sure.

How are you? How's the husband and baby? So happy for you!

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