Friday, January 6, 2012

The Heart of It All

I can't recall if I've given any overt indication as to which state I live in, but y'all are about to find out.

Per the usual, I spend a lot of nights and weekends on Pinterest mostly perusing, sometimes pinning, always looking for new ideas on things to make for the house.  It started with my attempt at canvas art and continues this week with....wait for it....NAIL ART!

Originally pinned and recreated by the folks over at The Harpster Home, I fell in love with this project when I saw it involved my home state and a fairly creative way to illustrate it.  Moriya, author of the aforementioned post, mentioned she saw these on Etsy selling for $65 (wow) and figured she could come up with a way to make them herself.  

And from her recreation comes my recreation of my home state: OHIO!  That was not nearly as dramatic as I had envisioned but did the title of my post give it away?? It's one of our many state sayings because Ohio is shaped kind of like a heart.  Get it?!  Anyhoodle...

For starters you will need the following:

The board was acquired un-painted from Michaels.  After checking to make sure we didn't have any scrap pieces on hand, of course.  I primed it with a spray paint primer and painted it with white spray paint.  Both were things we already had on hand so they didn't cost any cash-ola.

After priming, I sanded down the edges to remove any stray threads of wood.  I then ran the tack cloth over it to remove any dust and residue that might be lingering behind.
As the board was drying, I Googled me a map of Ohio and printed it out.  The focal point of the piece is the heart in the middle of the state around the city of Columbus where I went to college and J and I currently reside.

A few snips of the scissors and we had ourselves a template.  I used the tape measure to make sure the placement of the map was fairly even on the board.  And once the template was affixed to the board with the painters tape (to keep from peeling off the paint on the board), I started hammering in the nails:

J was kind enough to make me a little marker out of a shim so the nails would be somewhat evenly spaced:

One hour later, we had the almost finished product:
After the nails were done, I pulled up the map and the board looked like this:
J did a little tweaking with the heart to make it larger than my original version.  Which made the next part much easier.

Once the nails are in and the template removed, it's time to start stringing.  Take your string and tie a not around the nail you want to start with.  Then proceed to wind the string around an outside nail and then one of the nails in the heart.

I chose white string and since it was a fairly lightweight material, I wrapped it twice around the outside nail to give it a little thickness.  Keep wrapping many, many times until you finish your way around the state:
Side view:
Now for the cost breakdown:
1 11" x 11" square board: $4.99 with 50% off coupon
1 box of silver picture hanging nails: $2.00
1 spool of white string: $2.50
White spray paint and primer: $0 (already on hand)
Total Cost: $9.49

Not bad considering the original purchase price of $65 on Etsy!  I'm very much looking forward to adding this to our upcoming picture wall, but more on that next week.

Happy Friday!


Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

wow this is super cool. i totally have a thing for state art. i guess you can say i'm proud of where i am from.

Melissa said...

thanks--no shame in having home state pride! it was fairly easy to make but i'm going to be attempting one of california for a friend of mine, which has a lot more intricate parts!

I am Megan said...

This is such a cool idea! I would definitely try it, but I guess I would have to use a template of South Africa then! Yours turned out beautifully

Melissa said...

Megan, I'm not well versed on South Africa, but could pick a particular province and go from there? Love your blog, it's darling! And thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

Bravo!!! Love the step by step. Will be trying this!!

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