Tuesday, January 17, 2012


We are back after a somewhat restful (read: tech free!) but rather busy holiday weekend.  Hard to think of a holiday weekend after being to work after just a week and a half since the last holidays, but it was a day off for J nonetheless.

And what did J do with his day off?  He met the counter guy at the house to measure for our counters!  But before we get there, J started in on some demolition this weekend.

It occurs to me as I go back through old posts, that I didn't include a picture of the full kitchen with the completed cabinets.  So let's start there:
Head on view

 Side view of the back wall
 Side view of the island

A few items of note:
1. The white refrigerator is going to be replaced by a black one.  Obviously stainless appliances are ideal, but buying one black refrigerator for a house you're going to turn around and sell makes the most sense financially.

2. The bar/island counter is Corian so it's a very solid surface.  But that brown laminate is just not working with anything.

3.  The backsplash behind the stove is the same Corian and is not good backsplash material.  I'm not sure what the previous owner was thinking because it stains, it doesn't handle heat, steam, or splatters of any kind that come as a result of cooking, and when you attempt to clean it, it leaves all kinds of gross smears--which you can see in the second picture.

4.  While not a good idea for a backsplash, it is a great counter option.  Corian is a man made material which has its benefits, namely the fact that it is the same consistency throughout, it's non porous, and is heat resistant.  And if you for some reason put a large gouge in your counter, you can buff it out either with a Scotch-brite pad or an orbital sander.  

With J being so excited about the counters, he couldn't wait to delve right into some demo.  Come Saturday morning, out came the drill, the wrecking bar (I am told that is not the same thing as a crowbar when I asked how one would spell crowbar...) and the hammer.  And a Venti Bold from Starbucks because someone takes his coffee and his construction very seriously.

I took my cue and headed off to the gym while J got to work.

The two pieces on either side of the stove came off by unscrewing two screws underneath the counter, inside of the drawers.  They were not glued down, contrary to how counters should be installed, so they came off a lot easier than anticipated.

The bar top is another story: it is glued to 3/4 inch plywood and the plywood is then screwed into and glued to the knee wall (the base of the island).  MUCH more difficult to remove.  

J had hoped to sell the counter pieces but once he determined the Corian was so securely in place, there was no way he'd be able to take it off without breaking it:
 Now that he had a good idea of what it would take to remove these bad boys, it was time to assess how long it would be before the new counters arrived and just how long I'd be without a food prep surface.  Not to mention, we had friends visit Sunday and we didn't really want to be eating off of plywood slabs.  So break time commenced.

In the mean time, J was explaining his vision for a type of arched bar top that would add a little something to the dimensions of the kitchen.  I am a visual person so until I see it, I can't really picture it.  So why not take one Ikea dresser box and make yourself a template?

The curve won't begin right at the corner, which I was a little unsure about until J showed me this picture:
Not our colors, but that's essentially our island.  And I love it!
And J made sure we showed you our new faucet:

There are two things I LOVE about this piece of plumbing metal: 
1.  The spray head detaches so there is no need for that secondary hose attachment to stretch out and run around the sink.
2.  You can mount the faucet with or without the base.  I love the clean look of a baseless faucet against a nice granite counter.

The company doing our counters estimates a 2-3 week period of time between measuring and install so in the meantime, J is going to work on getting the old counters hauled out of here, the backsplash torn off and perhaps locking down a new black refrigerator.

I have to admit, I'm getting a little giddy myself.  Especially once I learned granite counters are amazing to bake with because they cool baked goods super fast.  And naturally, we're going to have to test that out.


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