Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday Wish List

I thought it was a bit presumptuous to put together a list of things I wanted after we just finished a holiday so focused on giving and receiving gifts.  But when my good friend Sarah sent me her Crate and Barrel wedding registry today, I thought I'd share a few kitchen related things that I both have and wish I had and maybe there's some Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket...

1. Parker Bowls from Crate and Barrel are a necessity.  They routinely change the colors so if you see a color set you like, snatch them up! Engaged or not...

2.  Even the least experienced cook in the kitchen can benefit from a food processor.  It does everything from chop food to knead bread dough and why not register for a quality piece of kitchen equipment?

3. I love love love my ramekins.  J and I use them for everything from Kosher salt storage, to prep containers, to soup bowls.  These gems know no bounds.

4. Glass food storage containers are wonderful.  We've all heard the good, the bad,  and the ugly when it comes to storing and re-heating food in plastic containers, plus you're always sending leftovers home with friends and losing the damn lids in the cupboards.  Invest in something you're sure to keep a better eye on.

5.   I absolutely adore my Crock Pot.  There are hundreds of recipes you can try and it's always nice to come home to an already cooked meal.

6.  If you're ever looking for a tried and true recipe, how to boil an egg or what you can substitute for buttermilk, this cookbook has it all.  It's an oldie for sure, but definitely a goodie.  The stuffed mushrooms I made the night I met J were from this book and I make them to this day.  The only recipes I use more than this book are from the recipe book my Grandma made me.

These are just a few of my many recommendations on kitchen items.  I love a good stainless steel pan or nice stemware.  Is there anything on your kitchen list that most folks might not think to get?  


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