Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday Wish List

We are nearly to the "10 days until Christmas" time frame and I for one cannot believe how fast this year has flown.  It feels as if the last two months or so of this blog have flown by and here we are again at another Wednesday Wish List.

J told me Friday that he has ordered my Christmas present.  I don't know what it is, I don't know when it's coming.  He will offer up absolutely NO hints despite my best attempts to bribe it out of him.  Unlike last year where I planted the Kindle idea oh so cleverly and was 99% sure I was getting it, I've got nothin' this year.  I can only hope that he's been paying attention to the Wish List posts for a little inspiration...

Today's list is dedicated to the generous gift givers out there.  Where budget knows almost no bounds and the items are sure to please any recipient (of the female persuasion that is):

1. I can't believe I haven't mentioned this before.  I covet this French Oven.  And I think this color (Cassis) would look darling with the metallic chrome Kitchen Aid.

2. David Yurman is my favorite jewelry designer.  I bought this ring as a gift to myself for my 25th birthday and I hope to own more items in the future.  This buckle bracelet is on the list.

3.  I cheated with this one, since I already own it, but I am loving Twirl by Kate Spade.  With scents including pink watermelon, blackberry, and red currant it's a light fragrance that is so perfectly feminine.

4. I threw in a fourth item this week to round things out: this Canon Rebel Digital SLR camera.  The more I blog, the greater appreciation I have for clear pictures.  This particular model was recommended by a friend and the price tag falls nicely in the middle of several options I've looked at.

I hope your Christmas shopping is coming along swimmingly.  J still won't cave and give me even the slightest idea of what I'm getting, but I hear anticipation is part of the fun and joy of the season.  That and all of that family together time, of course.


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