Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wall Project Part 2

One simple project I've been wanting to try is a framed piece of fabric.  Yet every time I make my  way to the fabric section of JoAnn's or even the one in Ikea, I get overwhelmed.  It's such an easy task, really, but I couldn't commit to one color or one pattern.  

As part of the ongoing bathroom decor project (I'm testing my "skills" in a small room lest it not turn out so great), I picked up a fabric square, a mat and a frame and went to work.

Fabric quarters, if you can find a pattern you like, are a much cheaper fix as opposed to buying a yard of fabric--unless you are planning on framing more than an 18" x 21" piece.

An 8" x 10" mat

And an 8" x 10" frame
I ironed out the creases in the fabric and cut a square to fit inside the parameters of the mat.

And then I taped the fabric to the mat to keep it from shifting when I put the back of the frame on.
And the finished product:
I love this fabric and the frame...still deciding on whether I like it with the yellow canvas art--I may need to find something a bit bolder in a darker gray with some yellow accents.  What do you think?
Too bad there is zero natural light in this room, doesn't help with the photography!

Overall this project was super cheap to produce:
+Frame: $16.99 @ 50% off: $8.50
+Mat: $3.49 @ 40% off with coupon: $2.10
+Fabric Square: $2.99 @ 40% off with coupon: $1.80
$12.40 total before tax.

I could have opted for a cheaper frame, but I really liked this one and I like solid picture frames that I could keep for a while so it was worth a few extra pennies.

I'm excited to keep adding to this little project, with maybe one or two more pieces.  And I'll keep you all posted on whether I opt to swap out the fabric.  Love the print though, so it will most definitely be used regardless of where.


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