Monday, December 19, 2011

Peppermint Bark

Can you believe we are just 6 short days away from celebrating Christmas?  This weekend was a busy one full of shopping and wrapping and baking all mixed in with a little demolition, but more on that later.  I am 90% done with my Christmas shopping, but I know what I am getting the remaining 10% so it's just a matter of finding the patience to go to the store and pick up the items.  Yet for some reason, it just does not feel like Christmas to me.

It might be the weather, it might be adapting to a much busier holiday schedule now that I'm co-habitating with J (honestly, does the decorating ever end???) or it might be because I haven't watched nearly the same amount of holiday classics as I'm used to.  But nonetheless, I'm going through the motions and have another easy peasy recipe for y'all to try.

Last week I shared the biscotti recipe with you.  This week we're going down a simpler route: Peppermint Bark.  There are a million variations and adaptations of this recipe but seeing how J is a fan of white chocolate and how I made a whole batch of double chocolate cookies with Hershey kisses on top, we're staying away from that traditional milk/dark chocolate version.  Here we go:

Peppermint Bark adapted from Paula Deen

Crushed candy canes, to yield 1 cup
2 pounds white chocolate (I used Tollhouse morsels)
Peppermint flavorings, optional

1. Place candy canes in a plastic bag and hammer into 1/4 inch chunks or smaller.  I used my food processor and it worked just fine.

2. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler.

3. Combine candy cane chunks with chocolate.  You can add the peppermint flavoring if you would like at this point, but mine tasted fine without.

4. Pour mixture onto a cookie sheet layered with parchment or waxed paper and place in the refrigerator for 45 minutes or until firm.

5. Remove from cookie sheet and break into pieces (like peanut brittle)

And there you have it, quite possibly the easiest peppermint bark recipe.  Since it gets dark at 5:00 now, you'll have to bear with me on the shadows showing up in the pictures and the lack of natural light.  But you get the gist.

J is currently working on a little project in the bedroom that he started on a whim today.  It involved cutting a large hole in the wall and running to Lowe's so he's a happy guy to have a reason to bust out the tool belt and the table saw.  There will definitely be more on that in it's own little post.  Hope you all had wonderful weekends and are ready for all the fun the holidays bring!


Anonymous said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! I am going to have to try this :)))
Thanks for the sweet comment on my post today! It was the Victorian Lady Bed & Breakfast was in Norwalk, OH! It was darling! I recommend it :)

Luvv, Leigh B

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