Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My (not so) Creative Candle Decor

When I first started this blog project I though, "surely I'll have enough to post about to keep me plenty busy."  But as I plowed through the rooms and stretched out the kitchen posts, I found myself looking for more to write about.  More things to create.  Admittedly, I am not the most creative person.  It took me ages to attempt drawing a tree in grade school art class and it was the most pathetic looking tree there ever was.  I'm a big fan of using Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware catalogs as a guide for decorating my house as opposed to just knowing what would look good.

So I was just as surprised as anyone when I felt the urge to make something.  Now the project below is by no means a work of art and barely borderlines on creative, but to go from a single girl with no design sense to the proud owner of a hot glue gun, I felt compelled to give it a shot.
I'll start by re-stating that J has a thing for candles.  I love the guy and for as masculine as he is, this is one of his most feminine qualities.  Therefore, I wasn't overly surprised when we were at Hobby Lobby and he acted like a kid in a candy store when he found out all candles were 50% off.  

"Well, obviously we need a red, green, and white one on the mantel for Christmas.  And I think we need one for the downstairs bathroom but I can't leave this odd colored red one here so we'll take it as well."  So we came home with five candles, which pales in comparison to this summer when he emptied out Target's Easter clearance rack filled with pastel yellow, blue, green, pink, AND purple candles.  Obviously he was unsupervised.

We came home with the candles but didn't have anything to sit all three on and they looked kind of plain just sitting there by themselves.  This weekend I made a trip to Michael's and came home with three frosted glass plates and some garland on sale for 50% off plus another 20% off with a coupon:

I then proceeded to take the garland and measured out sections to fit around each of the candles.  Once the sections were cut, I used the hot glue gun and secured the loose pieces together.  As soon as the glue was dry, I fit the garland around the candle, put them on their bases and set them up on the mantel:

All in all a fairly simple project.  And one of the very first DIY things I have attempted on my own.  J observed from the living room while I cursed the hotness of the glue gun.  Not cool when you pull the trigger and a large glob of it comes out unexpectedly.  I think I'm ready for that sewing machine now...


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